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Member Since 10 Oct 2004
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#945099 Digestive Enzymes

Posted by on 03 May 2015 - 05:43 PM

cyclinglady,  I  was  answering  the posters  comment in her  second  post "I guess digestive  enzymes are not as  much in use  as  I  imagined"  My  comment  back  was  many celiac  folks  use  digestive  enzymes  & probiotics....

And  by the  way  your  post  back  to me -- I totally agree  so I guess  you have  me  confused...I wasn't  knocking  anything  or anyone....how  did  you  get  to think that?


I do see  many  pills  labeled  for  help  with gluten  ingestion,  they do make  claims  but  I never  used  any of them because  in twelve  years  I was  glutened  once..... Ie: gluten ease, glutenza & so many more. I can't  give a  yay or  nay  on  these  pills as  I never tried  them........ every company  wants to  jump into the gluten-free  arena to make  big  bucks....common  sense  is needed....

I'm a  great  advocator   of  the benefits  of  probiotics  &  digestive  enzymes....not  to "cure celiac"  but to help  the gut  in the healing process..

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#944169 Better Batter

Posted by on 16 April 2015 - 04:13 PM


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#944122 Better Batter

Posted by on 15 April 2015 - 05:13 PM

Better batter is a great  company. They are one  that  gives back to the celiac  community  plus  the  regular  community,  I do  know  the  owner  personally. She  is  the first  person  to  step  up  to  help a  needy  person....

I can remember  years  ago  when Made by Mona  went  belly  up, she too  was a great  person  with  great  gluten-free  products....Last  year  same thing happened  to Jules  Flour...now  Better Batter....

I hope  all find  it  in their  hearts  to save  this   company  .... every dollar  can make a difference....

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#942294 Selling Gluten Free Muffins

Posted by on 16 March 2015 - 11:02 AM

You may need a permit even if you sell out of your home... Each city/town has different laws so check in your community....another thing to consider selling to an unknown party is if they would have a complaint or feel they got ill from your muffin...
Many times support groups will buy from a member they trust & has a totally gluten-free kitchen...
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#940662 I'm Totally Lost. Help Please?

Posted by on 19 February 2015 - 05:22 PM

sounds  like  you  have lots  going  on..... What  type  of  doctor  is  the new one?  You  could ask  the  office  staff  if  the  doc  handles  celiac  before  you go...

If  you  are wanting to be  tested  for  celiac  you need  to be eating gluten  for proper  results.....some  say  two slices  of  bread a day others  including  me  feel more  gluten   before testing....

Plus  there are no  tests at  this  time  for  non celiac gluten sensitivity, that  is  just an elimination  diet....

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#940019 Waffles: Van's Vs Eggo

Posted by on 08 February 2015 - 10:47 AM

thanks  for  the input... they are  not  in my area  yet...To me  it appears  these  mainstream  companies  want  on the  gluten-free  money  wagon but  don't  consider  any  nutritional value ... Most  stuff  just  has a lot  of added  sugars   &  sodium  to make them  taste better...

I know  in  my  beginning  journey I never thought about  healthy  gluten-free  food, I  was just  so  excited  & thankful  for  gluten-free  food to  fill my belly......now  I see  were  I've  become  a  crusader   for healthy  gluten-free  food.... we need  to consider  what  our food  chain is  doing  to ours  & our  kids  health  down the road.....

I  will not be buying  Eggo....... thanks  for  the  review

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#939743 Folic Acid Level Low

Posted by on 04 February 2015 - 03:57 PM

I have had low folic acid for years , long before my twelve years of being celiac....
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#939742 Is It Because I Have A Mac?

Posted by on 04 February 2015 - 03:56 PM

when you are typing does it break a word up on two lines? If that is it I too, have this happen but it just started doing that, but when post it is all okay....
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#937136 Lindt Lindor Chocolate And Barley Malt Ugh!

Posted by on 19 December 2014 - 07:58 PM

I just  found  out  See's  candy shoppe  is  all gluten-free  now.....I make  the  cookie/candy  turkeys  for  thanksgiving  &  needed  a  replacement  for  the  malted candy   that   is  used  for  gluten eaters & I found  the  perfect  size  ball  at  See's.....

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#936905 Kraft Cheez Whiz

Posted by on 15 December 2014 - 04:31 PM

bartfull  is  so right  on.... one  can  get  ill  responses  from certain foods  even if it  is gluten-free  but  I  to do not  believe  it  was  gluten that  caused a response... We  eat  cheese  whiz  in  broccoli  casserole....

Oddly  enough  is  one  for you: I  can eat  a gluten-free  product  by itself  but  when I add  another  gluten-free food  along  with  it I get  sick...

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#935974 Just Have To Get This Out.

Posted by on 03 December 2014 - 05:59 AM

I think  this  is  one of the  hardest  parts  of  being  celiac...in general we look  the  norm( whatever  that  is)& when  anyone  makes  the  snide  remarks  or comments  they are very hurtful & at  times  unforgettable. Worse when it  comes  from people  who are  supposed  to love & support  you...Many of us  have  them too.....

Your  mother's  emotional  rantings  may  be  from  an  un-dx'd  illness & maybe  she  doesn't  even  realize  what  is  pouring  out  of her  mouth!

You  are  correct  in  removing yourself from  that situation asap...Your  health  will improve  even more...Please  leave  an open  space in your  heart for  forgiveness, holding on  to  bitter  feelings  can  cause great  damage  to a  person , letting  go  of those  negative  life  events  is   VERY hard but    for you to move on  to a better  place one needs  to  be  open... &  understanding... another  way to  look at  this  is   : it  is  hard  for  some  parents to think  their kids  know  more than them! After all  you will always be  their child.. For  one  that  is  not  a  good  way of  thinking  ... We learn from everyone  on a daily basis....  ie: training  a puppy  for a  service  dog  by  hard core  prisoners,,  a puppy  can turn  their life  into a  positive &  teach  these  prisoner's  to  trust  , love &  respect  .....

If  you mother  is dx'd  she  may  fall  down  &  beg  you to help her  when she  fails  & sees  how  great  you are doing!

You are  in a  great  place  right  now,  you understand  what you need to do to  get  better & grow in your  life... Some  never  achieve  that in life &  your  a young  person & well on  your  way.



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#935841 Holiday Blues

Posted by on 01 December 2014 - 05:05 AM

sending  more hugs!  You  are  still all good  when it  comes  to celiac....the feelings  you  have  are  normal   to celiac,  I  think most  of us  have  been  there our   first  few  months  into  recovery....sadness,  anger, denial, an  emotional  roller  coaster  for  many....some  it  takes  much longer  to  find  peace ... the good  thing it  does  happen...

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#935821 Holiday Blues

Posted by on 30 November 2014 - 01:00 PM

Holidays  in general  can  be  pretty depressing then  throw  in a new illness....  hugs  to you.....Please  don't dwell  in what  others  have, your  turn & time  will come...you don't  know  the others  money  situation  or  their   thought  process..they  may not  be  ready for a new home  & may end  up  biting  off  more than  they  have  funds to pay for.. ( that is just  an example)...sometimes when  people  rush into decisions  , big  decisions  to  fast  they  loose  big time.... so it is  better  to  do  lots  of  planning & be prepared  for  future events.....

You  will  catch up at  the right  time.....be happy  that  you are  healing  have a  great partner & are in a safe place...with  gluten-free food... I  always  prepare  gluten-free  food  to take to any  invite...

It  is  hard  for  us to  understand  this   celiac  let  alone  others  who  have  no  clue or  issues.. I find  that  if  it  isn't  effecting  them then they  don't  truly care...Just  a  normal  thing although  it  hurts at times...For  instance  do  you  care  about  MS or  a brain  tumor  if  no one  around  you  has it? yes, you may  care  but  not  enough  to  know  everything about  it...so  don't  be  to hard  on  people  who  lack knowledge  about  celiac  when  they don't  have  it...

The  good  news  is  you  found  you have  many things to be thankful for... And  may health & happiness  follow  you through  this  holiday season....


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#935580 I Don't Want Celiacs Anymore

Posted by on 25 November 2014 - 05:12 AM

hello & welcome

celiac   is  a  hard  disease  to swallow for many. but  it is  what  it is  so  at  some  point  you  will have to bite  the bullet  &  go back to being  gluten-free 100% of the  time  24/7   for  life...   celiac  is  not  just  a  diet  it  truly is a lifestyle change.. ANd  NO ONE  Wants  to  have  it...You did  it  before  & you  can  do it  again.....it  is  much  easier  now  to live  a  healthy happy gluten-free  life with  many  restaurants, & gluten-free  food  available....you  actually did it  when it  was  much harder  to  find  gluten-free  so  you  must  train your  brain to do it  again... the  brain  plays  tricks on  our  thinking  so  get  out  of your  head......

Waitingdreams  is  a perfect  example  of  how  one  can  make  changes  in  their  life...she  came  in  at  the  bottom of the  pit (so to  speak) &  has  listened  & learned by trial & error  until  she got  it. Her  rewards of  hard work & challenges have  paid  off  & now  she to  sees  light  at the  end  of a LONG road....she   is  willing  to give it all she  got  & then some....

It is  natural to feel  sad ,& blue   but  once  you  get  rid  of that  baggage  &  get a game plan in place  you to  will be  able  to defeat  a  big dragon in your  life.. You  will get  great satisfaction  in knowing  how  strong  you really are  & how  happy & healthy  you will  be....

Don't  fight  it  until  another  autoimmune  creeps  in on you  or  even  worse  a  cancer......

This is  one  of the  easiest  diseases  to  control without  chemo,  deadly drugs, or  being  connected to some  machine  for  hours/days....we  just  need  to  be special & eat  special food... can't  get  much  easier...you make the  choice  which  disease  you would  choose!

You CAN  do  this  &   you now  have a  team  of  celiac who  are  onboard  with you to  give  you any help  you  need.. Just  ask



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#935199 Gluten Free, Corn Free Tooth Paste?

Posted by on 18 November 2014 - 10:59 AM

Here are a  couple to check out.. coral white tea tree toothpaste, good  gums, earthpaste, & Himalaya toothpaste.. always read  ingredients to make  sure  there are no ingredients  that you may react too...also  baking  soda  & perioxide  sprinkled  over the  brush works  great....

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