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#912851 Philadelphia, Pa - Tips?

Posted by on 16 April 2014 - 01:05 PM

Hi I live  in Western Pa but  travel  to Philly  often.... Gluten Free Philly (mike)  has  a great  listing of  places  to  eat.....Do  go to South Philly  to Taffet's  Bakery.... Omar  has  the  best  breads.....there  is  a  restaurant  a crossed  or  up the  street  from him  who uses  his  bread s  ... very good,  I also  get  a  roll from him  & go have  a philly cheesesteak  while  there..... Pasta  Pomadoro  in Voorhees, NJ  is  excellent. Worth  the trip....a favorite  of many....

Also  in  that   area  is  Sweet Notes  Bagels... google them &  they sell  to many  places out  there so  you can fing  a  café  who  has  them for  breakfast....

Jules  gluten-free  pizza  has  several pizza  shops around....

Plus  of  course  all the  chains  are  available  too.... WE love  Maggiano's ( sp?) having  a  brain  fog  day, sorry) call  ahead  for  reservations  as it gets  crazy   & also  if  you give  them a  day or two notice  they will  make  gluten-free pasta  if  they know you are  coming....There menu is on  their  website.....

also  I like  to  just  google  gluten-free in Philly & it brings  up tons  of  places  the  gluten-free  apps  don't....

there  is  a good  Brazilian  place  to in  Sunnyhill...forget  the name....

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#912210 For Those With Thyroid Disease: How Did Celiac Affect Your Meds?

Posted by on 10 April 2014 - 05:26 PM


I too have  no  functioning  thyroid  gland  due to RAI...dead  in the  water, they  can't  even find  any traces  of a gland on my ultrasound.... I also too  have Grave's.....I was  on  Synthyroid  for  years  .. I got to the  point  where  I  couldn't  function  &  got  very ill... I  demanded  to be  switched  to a  whole  glandular ( 2 1/2 years ago) &  finally now   have  a  better  life...My  endo  has  me  on  a  starting  dose  so  I'm  pretty  much  hypo all the  time, I  can't  get him  to up  my dose  a  little... He  is  afraid  I'll  become  hyper again &  I'm an  A Fibber  ....

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#910187 Need A Probiotic Withoug Gluten, Soy, Corn, Dairy

Posted by on 25 March 2014 - 05:08 AM

probiotics  debate::::::  I think we all have  ones  that  work  for  us &  some  may work wonders  for some  & for  others  not  so much.... for  me  Culturelle  is one  that  didn't  work for me. I had  no health issues  with it  , it  just  didn't help me.....

I  do  believe  we  should  switch  probiotics  on  & off  giving  the  body  different  strains   &  amounts....we  become  accustomed to  the  same  probiotic  so  a  rotation  is  very  helpful keeping  the  gut  healthy & happy...

Probiotics  have  a  wide  range  of  strains,  and a   wider  range  in price!!!!!  more  expensive  doesn't  mean better & cheaper  brands  doesn't mean less effective.. Our  bodies  tell  us    what  works  for  that  body......

The only  thing  I've  heard  from many  doctors  is  take it  on an  empty  stomach....

Digestive  enzymes  ( which I think  are  as  important)  are  taken  before  meals...


Just  my two  cents.....

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#908920 Good Dark Beer?

Posted by on 14 March 2014 - 05:54 AM

I cook  with gluten-free  beer  but  usually don't  drink  it  but  I like Green's (3 types) dam astura( sp may be  wrong)   there are so many  now  ... I  had one that  was  st something  in a  unique bottle  but it  was sooooo strong.....husband  couldn't  even drink it....it  was  imported....

plus  if  you  are  lucky to live  in a  big  city  several  have  the  micro brew  that   are good..... 

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#908553 Scared To Death

Posted by on 10 March 2014 - 06:52 PM


this  could  be  almost  anything  so  don't  put the  cart  before the horse......breathe !!!!  Have  you  had  some  very  recent  blood work  done? I have  a friend  who had  similar  things  going on  &  it  was  pre-diabetes  &  other  foods  causing  the issues.... plus  for  some it  takes  years  before  they  finally  see  their  intestines  calming  down... For instance  some  foods    don't  bother me  eating them  alone  but if  I add  another food  with it  I'm ill.......

I do  agree that  a  chiropractor  isn't  a  doctor --------- who  should  be  dx'ing a  brain tumor!  That is  insane.....

I  do know  corn, soy, msg, sulphites   can play havoc  ... also  are  you staying  away from  the  gluten-free processed  foods?  GMO"S?????  These  all  seem  to  do more  harm  than good  for us....

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#905958 How Do I Stop The Worrying?

Posted by on 14 February 2014 - 09:39 AM

remember   how  hard  it is  to  understand  this  illness even,  celiac  folks  have  trouble  understanding  this  at  the  beginning...as  annoying  as  being  asked  constantly  how  you  are  someone  truly loves  you &  cares  for your  well being....&  if they are not  experiencing  the  symptoms  how  could  they  understand  when at  times  we  question  ....

It could  be  worse,  as  many  face  this  new  lifestyle  alone  because  family & friends  think  they  are  just plain crazy....not  normal....

My suggestion  would be  gather up some  good  reports  about  celiac  &  have  a  conversation  & learn  about  celiac  , extending  conditions  that often  follow celiac....have   answers  to  all the  questions  ..

Do you have  a good  support  group  you all can lean on  ?  Finding  a  seasoned  faithful  gluten-free  support  person  is  a  GREAT asset  to  you & family/friends.....



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#905230 Problems With The School, Hipaa Release

Posted by on 06 February 2014 - 07:46 AM

sorry  your  school is  so  rotten....there  are many of  them....Have  you  considered  a  private  school?  Home  schooling? We too  have  never  had  a  problem  with  the kids  being  celiac  until  high  school......it  appears   kids  in  high  school skip  &  miss  a lot  of school  so  all pays  for that!

I  honestly  think  home  school  would  work out  for him..... I do  know  many  very  sensitive  celiac  students  who  have  had to do  just  that (home school) because  of their  having  reactions to  many  food  issues including  corn, soy ....almost  impossible  to hid  from corn or  soy  in  the school lunch program.....

It  doesn't  seem like the  school is  getting  it.... what  does the school nurse  have to  say?  The  school is  within  it's  rights but  still very  sad....kids  who  get  kicked  out  for  drug  possession can attend  an  after  school program  to  get  a diploma , or  kids  who  cause  fights  & bully  can do the  same  but  a medical  condition  doesn't  cut  it  for  an  after  school  program....or  any  help in  acquiring  a  diploma.....

hugs  to  you.....I  would  be  so  angry I would  pull;l  that kid  out  of school , home  school &  send  him off to  college... I'd  prove  he  is worth  saving.....



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#905106 Gluten Free Snack Discoveries!

Posted by on 05 February 2014 - 06:16 AM

glad you are  finding  some  goodies  you like! Try  Van's  cheese  crackers.....Glutino or  Snyder's gluten-free  pretzels....Glutino parmesan/garlic crisps...plus soooo many more.....

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#904520 Essential Oils / Body Oils

Posted by on 30 January 2014 - 05:03 PM

some  essential oils  needs to be  diluted  with  a  neutral oil  as  it  can be  to potent  on its  own

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#888201 How To Make Crunchy Chicken Nuggets?

Posted by on 12 September 2013 - 10:52 AM

Might not be low carb bu kinninkinnick makes a wonderful gluten-free panko .. Also before panko I used brown rice flour sorghum flour , spices & a bit of high heat cooking oil...(avocado oil) .. Or many use rice krispie cereal, corn flakes, or chex
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#888043 Kraft Cheez Whiz

Posted by on 11 September 2013 - 03:58 AM

it is gluten free...a processed gluten-free food.
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#883836 Paragone & Gluten Free

Posted by on 11 August 2013 - 04:02 PM

paragone  is to  remove  any parasites  from your  body. It is  usual   to feel  totally  drained  while  using  that product...and please  don't use  it  on a  regular  basis... I  would  suggest  digestive  enzymes  &  probiotics....

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#881651 Well...it's Been A While, But I'm Miserable :(

Posted by on 28 July 2013 - 06:10 PM

Just  get  back on  tract, clean  wholesome  gluten-free  foods. And  stick to it....its okay  to  have  a few  snacks &  sweets  now &  then  as  a  treat  but it  isn't  good , only for  weight  gain  to  eat  these  type  of  foods  gluten free or  not...

Think  WILLPOWER.......

feel better  soon....

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#881048 Ingredients----What Am I Looking For?

Posted by on 24 July 2013 - 06:51 PM

Look  for things  with no gluten. Wheat  free  does  not  mean gluten free  so look  for  gluten free.......there  are  many  gluten-free   frozen meals to  choose  from...Not  sure  which  pitas  you purchased but  if  they  are  gluten-free  you  should be okay.... gluten sensitivities  vary  greatly  among  us  some  not  so  sensitive  others  very sensitive..you  will  figure that  out  as you go  along....I  would  suggest  starting out  eating  "naked " foods  meaning  no  marinades,  coatings, rubs   or  already  spiced  foods...Your  intestinal tract needs to be  pampered  in the beginning  so  think  plain meats,  fish,  fruits & veggies  in their  natural  state.Many have  trouble  eating  gluten free  processed  foods  in the  beginning.

Wheat   has many  names ie:  wheat, fara, eikhorn, spelt &  so on  , all  members  of the  wheat  family  ...also no  rye  or  barley.

No  malt products, soy  sauce contains  wheat, beer are  a few things to  watch out  for. the good  news  is  there  are alternatives  to  almost  any  wheat  food  these days....

The  bad  news  is  a lot of us  must  order  mailorder  to find  the  best of the best.....

Start out  slowly  with the basics   & take  it  step  by step  as  there is  a  learning  curve  .When you mastered  that  move  on and  add  another  step and so on...

Since  you  said  you are  not  a  suzie  homemaker  here are  some  things  to  purchase  that  are  excellent....

BiAglut  pasta the  best

tinkyada   pasta an  easy find

many more  brands....


amy's  gluten free  meals


conte's  ready  made  gluten-free  pasta  dishes.


joan's  gluten-free  great  bakes   bagels, pizzas   English muffins  &  more


against the  grain has  pizzas  &  baguettes


celiac  specialites  has the best donuts  & more


Udi's  ,  Rudi's  and  canyon bakehouse  has  breads. pizza & more



Progresso  has  many gluten-free  soups all clearly  labeled.


Bell &  Evans  has  chicken  nuggets,  strips

several  other  also  have  nuggets


Kind  bars, comfort  bars, Athena  bars, Uber  bars  are  gluten-free  plus  a  ton more 

It  is  a  good  idea  that  you  carry  a  gluten-free  goodie  bag  in your  car, purse,  at  work  so  you  are never  left  without  anything to  eat.....protein  bars, nuts, pretzels  all gluten-free  of  course...

fruit  & veggies  with  a  dip  make  a good  snack, popcorn, tortilla  chips &  salsa (gluten-free)...hummus  &  chips.. peanut  butter, applesauce yogurt , gluten-free  crackers....cheese.....

lots  of  gluten-free  restaurants:

Smokey Bones


red  robin




burger  king

texas  roadhouse

longhorn  steakhouse

five  guys


PF Chang's  Pei Wei

to help  you heal   take  digestive  enzymes   and  probiotics......



anything  you  crave let us know &  we  can  tell you  where  to  find  it.........

Buy  yourself  a  few  sweets or  candy  so  you  don't  feel  food  deprived...snickers,  hersey kisses,

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#877492 Watkin's Glen, New York

Posted by on 30 June 2013 - 03:20 PM

Not  sure  how  close  you will be  to these places  but here  are a few:


Stonecatcafe......7 miles  from  Watkins Glen


Slice Of  Napa


Ithaca Bakery

400 Meadow St       some  gluten-free




2 hickory hollow lane



Pizza  Aroma


128 S Cayuga St





101 S main

Canandaigua NY



Café too Restaurant

100 s Elmer Sayre, Pa

570-888 2828

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