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In Topic: Banning Gluten Fromthe House!?

09 February 2012 - 04:59 PM

Korwyn, I would dearly love to read your spiel you give guests which gets the point across. We have not had any guests as yet since i went gluten free slightly over 2 months ago but I have been racking my brain for what exactly to tell people the first time it comes up. I keep trying to think what will really get the point across.

OK. :) It goes something like this: Don't bring food over or I'll kill you! :ph34r:

No, seriously, I have a couple variations depending on if they know something about my 'food thing' or if they are totally in the dark.

Hi, <blah blah having a party blah blah or whatever>. We'll have tons of foods/drinks/snacks/etc so we really won't need any extra food. Besides, I don't know if you're aware, but I have some food related issues that are genetic and cause serious health problems if I come in contact even with trace amounts. So please don't worry about bringing any food, and in fact if you have something specific you like I can usually find a safe version of it to have! Whats your favorite (food/drink/finger food/etc) ?

That is kinda of a nutshell version. I vary it obviously depending on what we're doing, is it a group, is it a sit down full meal, etc. I've been surprised at how many people have asked me 'is it gluten/wheat' or some variation thereof ("oh is it that gluten stuff?" was one of my favorites). It actually gives me opportunities to talk to people about celiac disease and gluten (along with processed foods, gmo, how soy effects hormones, etc). I would guess that in the last three years now I have probably a dozen or more families/individuals where one or more person is now gluten free as a result of this.

In Topic: Banning Gluten Fromthe House!?

09 February 2012 - 02:57 PM

The only gluten we allow in the house is in beer, and it must be opened and consumed outside the kitchen area. This created a problem with our (adult) kids for a while and our grandchildren. The finally understood that I was serious. The only problem I still have is occasionally they will come in with cookie crumbs on their clothes. But we make sure we have safe foods and snacks for them. And now all our kids and their SO ask about anything before they bring it in. They'll even call me sometimes to check on something if they are coming over and planning on bringing something with them.

We did have a couple of pretty heated arguments early on, and it was hard on both my wife and I but it did work out. The most difficult part actually is guests who feel obligated to bring foods if we are having company but I've finally worked that out (externally and internally). We have a spiel we give them, which while not entirely accurate serves to get the point across. I have offended a couple people who ignored and brought 'just a salad', and 'just a pie' and I wouldn't let them bring them in the house. But I decided that after being so sick for so long, and knowing the consequences of days and weeks of payment, it wasn't worth the risk to my health or our marriage. I'm not very pleasant when I'm glutened, and if I get soy it is even worse (I have a similar rule about soy).

In Topic: Sorry For The Stupid Question

09 February 2012 - 11:21 AM

yes, Adalaide, do tell!!! ;)

No don't! I don't want to have to ask one of the mods to change the topic title to include [NSFW]! ;)

In Topic: Heart Palpitations

09 February 2012 - 09:57 AM

The very first symptoms I ever had were heart related and onset of chronic rhinitis quite literally at the same time when I became involved in a lawsuit against my former employer. I was 20. Heart palpitations and Tachycardia. Nothing was every found even after a weekend of wearing a Holter monitor. They said it was stress and caffeine.

The very last non-celiac related test I went through, just before my diagnosis 20 years later, was a Nuclear Heart stress test. I'd been having classic heart attack and atherosclerosis symptoms, including shortness of breath, pain radiating down the arm and up into the jaw, feeling like my legs were being squeezed and other indicators of heart disease. Other than being told I was out of shape, everything came out perfect. That was three weeks prior to going gluten-free. The last issues I had with any of the heart related problems (palpitations, angina, tachycardia, etc.) were literally the day I before I went gluten-free. It's been 2 years and 42 weeks tomorrow.

In Topic: Sorry For The Stupid Question

09 February 2012 - 06:59 AM

All fish is naturally gluten-free, Korwyn. :rolleyes:
You should know this by now. (geesh, buddy--there's a newbie reading this!)



(I swear, if anyone disputes the gluten-free status of fish in any manner, shape, or form, IH is gonna get pretty darn miffed. You don't wanna see my dark side. :ph34r: )

:unsure: Whoops. That's true.

Dear, OP (Original Poster) aka dani,

PAMA (Please Accept My Apologies)! :D I did not mean to imply, insinuate, cause anyone to infer, deduce, or induct any line of logic or reasoning which would cause one to reach the conclusion that fish, in its natural dead state, prior to any cooking, cleaning, sushifying, or preparation, is contaminated with gluten.


P.S. There IH, is that better? :)

P.P.S. True, you don't want to see her dark side! :ph34r:

P.P.P.S. I hear a stalkerish, heavy breathing, voice: "come to the dark side....."

I think we have a new one!

When someone is being an a$$, we hit them with the GFT!

(of course my auto spell check will change that to gift)


wow.......I could say sooooooo many things about this "anal" acronym in regards to lawyers, but I will refrain. :lol: :lol:

Its one of my favorites!

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