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In Topic: Recovery Timeline

06 June 2009 - 10:23 AM

Thanks for the post! I've been feeling awfully low as I recover, not all better and it's really wonderful to hear that you did finally feel better.

I've been eating nuts, fruit and vebetables. Still off though...

In Topic: It Would Help To Have Some Happy (or Working On It) Anectdotes

31 May 2009 - 03:19 PM

It's really hard at first, but I've found that engaging some friends in the Great gluten-free Cooking Adventure has made this more fun. A friend came over last night with some garbanzo flour and a recipe he thought I'd like to make with it. Other friends have enthusiastically gone to Asian/Indian markets with me to scout new, naturally gluten-free foods. They line up to try my new recipes, and when the recipes suck, they don't give me a hard time about it. :) I realize I have an unusually great group of friends and am lucky, but is there even one person you can get to kind of take this journey with you? It's helped me be a lot more upbeat about the whole thing. The whole culinary adventure side of things could be really overwhelming without people comparing rice noodles with me.

My mom has been a great help. And I also love to cook / bake and have made some scones, cookies, bean recipes that the whole family likes.

Just...not everyone realises how important keeping gluten things segregated is; and they don't want to give up their comfort foods. It's scaring my dad, I think. And being this sick and 21 makes it impossible to 'live on my own' gluten-free.

Your friends sound great.

In Topic: It Would Help To Have Some Happy (or Working On It) Anectdotes

31 May 2009 - 03:16 PM

I was the one diagnosed with celiac disease last fall, so at first I tried to cook gluten free dinners for everyone, but my husband and kids continued to eat gluten-y foods for breakfast and lunch.

This didn't work for our family, although some families manage to deal with it and keep the gluten-free stuff separate from the gluten foods. I was constantly being "glutened" by stray crumbs, which isn't surprising since the kids are ages two and three.

So we all went gluten free in January....we threw out or gave away all foods containing gluten, then we replaced all cutting boards, wooden spoons, non-stick pots and pans with scratches in them, the toaster, all plastic containers, etc., etc. This was a LOT of work, but definitely worth it!

I've learned to cook just about anything gluten-free; my husband is very happy because I found a good recipe for gluten free pizza crust. :lol:

I work two jobs, so I have to do a lot of the cooking on the weekends. I have a set of weekly menu plans and a collection of recipes at the following websites:



The good news:

1. My kids' skin conditions (keratosis pilaris and eczema) cleared up on the gluten free diet.

2. The two-year-old, Emma, has also gained a significant amount of weight since January (she went from less than 21 pounds in January to over 22 pounds in May). This is a HUGE deal for Emma because one of her many diagnoses is Failure to Thrive; she was WAY below the standard growth curves. Her pediatrician and gastroenterologist had both been talking about installing a gastric tube for tube feedings overnight....but during her last visit the pediatrician said that wouldn't be necessary now that she's gained some weight!

3. My husband inadvertently discovered that he also has celiac disease; he tried drinking some beer after several weeks on a gluten free diet and broke out with a bad case of dermatitis herpetiformis. He is one of the many people out there who have "silent" celiac....i.e., no gastric symptoms.

So the bottom line is that the gluten free diet has improved the health of my entire family, and when this started we thought I was the only one with a gluten problem!

I hope that you start to feel better soon! Good luck!


Thank you! ^_^ I needed the encouragement.

My family also has a long list of autoimmune diseases on its hands. Do you mind if I ask how you got your doctor to diagnose? Mine has been less helpful as I had "inconclusive" bloodwork and was already gluten free...or trying to be due to symptoms.

Again, thank you. I'm going re-read your post a few times.

In Topic: Bloating, Once Again...

31 May 2009 - 12:46 PM

The bloating just wonít go... Iím trying so hard, ive not touch gluten since 2 weeks ago(by accident), the bloating isnt bloating after eating anymore either, I can eat without it getting bigger but still it wonít go... itís been slowly going, but then i had some beans last Wednesday and then 5 minutes later boom, (not as bloated when i eat gluten but still i didnt understand why) but then of course it slowly goes down every day, but then today i had gluten free pasta with tomato sauce and boom again, the only thing i can see in the ingredients that are the same is 'Modified Maize Starch' is there any way i could be slightly intolerant to that? or does it have gluten in it? or am i trying to think itís that when it could just be my body being weird (would surprise me)
ive eaten past few days without bloating even more after eating, so thatís why im finding it weirdÖ i hate the feeling of feeling bloated, and now I cant even move as I feel that full and uncomfortable, i even have trouble breathing, ive lost weight but canít even noticed it on my stomach :/

I just cant deal with this diet if the main reason why im giving up (course could of health too) is to get this bloating feeling gone and to get my normal toned flat stomach... just makes me want to give up an eat everything in my site when this happened, I seriously have a binging problem in which im trying to stopÖ but when I get big and feel so uncomfortable I just donít see the point of not eating my favourite foods.. PIZZA:(

When you're first off gluten, it seems like it takes a while for your gut to heal. It makes sense. Anything like pasta or bread (gluten or otherwise) gives my stomach SOME bloating--did and does while I'm healing. You might just need to drop complex carbs and maybe most grains for a while. Eat vegetables, fruit, maybe something really easy to digest (lentils are better than most beans); nut flours or baked goods might be better too.

It's a huge learning curve.

In Topic: Foods To Make Me Gain Weight

31 May 2009 - 12:41 PM

I was 14 pound underweight (according to my Dr and the BMI chart). I went gluten free and the weight came easily on. I have gained 16 pounds in just over a year. But if you are in a hurry to gain weight . . .my kids were underweight too and the nutritionalist really suggested putting extra oil into everything! (she also suggested butter but that is because my kids are still really young- otherwise stick with the oils). Oil is high in calories and if it is healthy oil (high in mono and unsaturated fats) then all the better for the heart. Extra oil when cooking eggs, cream of rice, waffle batter, really anything you can think of. In fact oddly enough because my kids are so picky they would actually take oil by the spoonful. We take Cod Liver Oil everyday. My youngest also likes carrots dipped in mayo. We also have a coffee grinder that we use for flaxseed. So we add ground flaxseed to pancakes, waffles, any baking and to toast with almond butter on it. Avocados are also full of good fat. Guacamole or avocado slices rolled in deli turkey is good too. As you know seeds and nuts are full of good oil so a trail mix is good to have within reach for munching. I'm now just discovering sweet breads. You can often find recipies of these with oil instead of butter. I love cornbread! Yummy hunting.

I've had the same problem. I was...am, twenty pounds underweight at best--I've done a lot of nut butters and nuts (like Mama above) it's helped me gain a little.

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