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#548781 What Are Your "glutened" Symptoms?

Posted by on 21 July 2009 - 11:08 AM

I use Aloe in fact I started selling it (UK). My symptoms are very similar to Rachels and others lists. The pain is so severe that it scares me.

Aloe is a gel from a leaf and so good quality 99% Aloe should be a thick gel that does not taste nice but can be bought mixed with other stuff but best to use the pure stuff mix a bit of juice or honey or something in if you really can't take it any other way.

The liquid ones are good but are diluted or use not just the gel from the leaf but the juice to which makes it less effective.

Thanks again, it is helpful to read others experience. I had never had nausea like this time before.

Love Ruth

Hi Ruth,
my husband was told to take a kind of Aloe Vera to help heal the intestines if I have celiac.

It tastes like water. It is 100% pure aloe, but the unnecessary stuff has been taken out.
You should try it.

It is:
George's "Always Active" Aloe
100% Aloe Vera
Fractionally distilled liquid from aloe vera leaves

Bitter free
no unpleasant taste
no preservatives
no additives

Pure aloe! and it takes like water.

I would suggest trying it if you like using aloe for your symptoms.

Rebecca~ (we bought ours from The Whole Foods Market http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com)
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