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Member Since 28 May 2009
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Newly Diagnosed

28 May 2009 - 07:43 AM

I am so glad I found this forum! I have been reading for about a week or so and finally joined.

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease on May 12. I am a little confused.

I have always had a "bad" stomach. Years ago I was diagnosed with gastritis found during an edoscopy. I learned to avoid things that gave me a stomach ache and got along pretty well. The weird thing is that my "go to" foods during attacks were plain pasta and white bread. I never noticed any symptoms from eating those things.

Fast forward to the end of January 2009.... I had a horrible stomach attack. The pain was intense, but got better after vomiting. The odd thing was that I threw up food that I had eaten the day before. I was actually crying and moaning from the pain at my Doc's office. He sent me to the emergency room. They found nothing wrong and sent me home after some morphine. I figured it was a fluke and went on with my life.

A month later...another attack with the pain and vomiting plus diarrhea. I did not bother with the emergency room this time. I just went to my regular Doc the next day. He referred me to a GI Doc. He set me up to have an EGD and colonoscopy right away. I am a cancer survivor. I was sure the tests would show radiation damage or something. Nope! Everything was good except my small intestine. The biopsy showed Celiac disease.

I have been on the Gluten free diet ever since (after one last binge at Applebee's on May 12). Anyway, I don't feel much different on the gluten-free diet. My husband says my anxiety has gotten much better. Who knew that my horrible anxiety could be caused by something like gluten?

Anyway...my question is after typing up a book (sorry)....do my symptoms sound lilke celiac disease? Could my Doc be wrong? I have eaten pasta and bread all my life without noticing anything.

Thanks to any and all who take the time to read my post and respond.

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