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In Topic: I Was So Hungry And Afraid I Am Really Sad Right Now

11 June 2009 - 06:36 AM

Thank you for sharing your experiences. They are very helpful. I was unaware of the results I would experience after eating 2 bowls of rice chex with rice milk (rice dreams which contains barley). I figured if my daughters could eat cereal and make it through so can I. Also, until recently I've always been able to eat one main meal with a sald and some fruits and nuts for years. This drastic change is sudden. I guess it was accumalating and it reached its point. So, this was a shock to me. I tried to do my best to eat healthy; especially after becoming a vegan.

I know someone mentioned anemia and that's a possibility but what you described would be a typical hypoglycemic crash for me. Add to that shakiness and breaking out in a dripping sweat and there you go.

Every has given you great advice and I'm just going along with it. I cannot function without more protein than most people. I've also been more careful about adding extra dietary fats lately to cotrol blood sugar and lose weight. I feel much better this way too. It does entail planning though. I eat 3 meals and small snacks throughout the day to avoid crashing.

I have 3 scrambled eggs at breakfast with onion and tomato and now I'm eating cheese and grapes for a snack. I need to eat something almost every hour. If I can get in that extra fat, I can go longer. Like the others have said I rely heavily on meats, eggs and nuts. I would try to never go out like you did on all carbs plus I try to have something in my purse to fall back on, a Lara bar or nuts.

I know you said you cannot tolerate some of the foods I eat but I'm showing you my diet so you can get and idea of how much protein you need to look for. You must have that balance or you will continue to have those crashes. Also if you are very hungry, indulge it with safe food. Your body is telling you it needs more nutrients right now. Later that constant hunger may pass but for now, listen to your body and give it what it needs.

In Topic: I Was So Hungry And Afraid I Am Really Sad Right Now

11 June 2009 - 06:29 AM

Do you have a particular kind of protein powder that you could suggest. I am afraid to eat meat. :unsure: Just thinking about it scares me. I can't eat sunflower seeds but I do eat alot of veggies. I was not aware of the rice chex thing. Aslo, someone just informed me that Rice Dreams (milk) has barley enzymes and of course this is the brand I've been using!! I eat wanust and almonds and so far no problems. I ordered cooks books Susan O Brian Wheat free, gluten free cookbook for vegan and Donna Klein cookbook so hopeful I'll find receipes that are not only nutritious but delicious. ;)

Then I would recommend adding eggs. If you have quinoa in the morning, one thing I love with quinoa is a gently poached egg (more digestible than hardboiled or scrambled). Or perhaps you could have a smoothie with some protein powder.

Bottom line is, you need more protein in your diet. It will keep your blood sugar levels on an even keel. If you can digest any beans at all (I can't, they go right through me) try experimenting with different types of beans. Lentils can be very digestible. You mentioned not tolerating nuts, can you tolerate sunflower seeds? Sunflower "butter" (a substitute for peanut butter) is very tasty and high in protein.

I don't notice problems with meat, but I try to eat veggies when I eat meat. More veggies, drink lots of water--if you're not hydrated you'll get clogged for sure!, and fruit. Eating fresh pineapple with meat can help digest the meat, if you lack the enzymes.

In Topic: I Was So Hungry And Afraid I Am Really Sad Right Now

11 June 2009 - 06:20 AM

My blood type is O positive. I also believe that I have a candida isuue as well. How do I address this on top of the gluten free diet? Oh my goodness, I am really going to starve. No fruit, rice, agave and stuff. I'm open for advice if you have more information. What will eat while trying to address the above? :blink:

Good comments so far, particularly the hypoglycemia angle and need for protein. You might also try going off rice for a while too--it might be an allergen for you--possibly severe. Some of us have to go off all grains at least for a while in order to heal. Try squash and roots as alternative carbs for a while.

Do consider eating meat, seeds and/or nuts. If your body requires meat to be healthy, you should listen to it rather than what your head says you "ought to do." We are all different. Some thrive on vegetarian fare and others do not. Do you know what blood type you are? If type O the chance you need meat is even higher.

Do also eat lots and lots of vegetables. Many vegetarians I know are actually what I call "pastafarians" and eat far too few green leafy veggies. Vegetables help with the blood sugar balance amongst other things.

As far as the possible candida overgrowth angle--that too should be looked into and is highly suspect given your response...If so, also try avoiding all sugar and fruit for a while...Its not that uncommon. Use powdered stevia as a sweetner instead. Its made from the stevia plant and is not harmful--it just tastes sweet but adds no sugar.

Another angle is soy--some really cannot tolerate it.

Hope some of the advice given here by us all helps...

A test by a doctor sometime if any of this continues in such a severe fashion despite all efforts might be in order. It wouldn't hurt to get tested for celiac either... as well as for your blood sugar etc.

However I think it might be wise to give a non gluten, non quick carb and non sugar, anti candida diet a couple of weeks first to see what happens. Often the first 5 days are the worst with all kinds of strange symptoms, crankiness and desires for carbs, light headedness and fuzzy thinking etc., so bear with it. If you are bloated, fart a lot, have a white coated tongue in the morning, and just have to have sweets or carbs and perhaps have some fungus etc. somewhere or other this could be you. But in case its just hypoglycemia, be sure to eat several small meals a day. A snack of sunflower seeds for instance might be good if you start to feel faint... Chew well!


In Topic: I Was So Hungry And Afraid I Am Really Sad Right Now

11 June 2009 - 06:13 AM

TYhanks for this post. I am actually afraid to try other nuts because of the symptoms I experience after eating them i.e. peanuts, pistachios, cashews, brazil nut (feel like rocks in my stomach) etc. So far I've been abble to eat walnuts and almonds. WHEW! But who knows only time will tell if it will last. I also purchased some pumkin seeds of which I am afraid to try but will do so today as a snack :o. Smile Sometimes all i can do is smile or laugh because this celiac disease is no jjoke but comically when I look at what I have to do to maintain. Thank you Jibril for this post. Especially in regards to getting the fats and protein I need as a vegan and etc. ;)

I know how scary it is to explore the other seeds and nuts when you're allergic to peanuts :( The best advice I've read recently is to buy nuts in the shell... very little chance of cross contamination. Some people with peanut allergies are also allergic to one or more of the tree nuts (like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc...), but it's not automatic. Worth a try. Nuts are very satisfying and they would give you both protein and fat. Walnuts in particular have lots of omega 3 fatty acids :)

In Topic: I Was So Hungry And Afraid I Am Really Sad Right Now

11 June 2009 - 06:07 AM

I can have pumpkin and I did not think to mix it withspices and butter. I was trying to find a brand of butter for vegans thats soyfree. Thank you for this post. I will definitely look for the brand you named. :lol:

Not sure why you are avoiding pumpkin unless I missed something. Pumpkin is suprisingly a very good carb choice. Has less impact on the blood sugar. I am on a lowcarb diet specifically designed for diabetes and it is one of the few carbs allowed. I have often have some as my breakfast carb choice. Mix it with some spices and butter, spread or cream, a bit of sweetener/or alternative if your body allows and warm it up. Earthbalance just came out with a new spread that is soy-free and may work for you.

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