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Member Since 21 Jun 2009
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#647116 Saying "no Thank You" Vs "i Can't Eat That"

Posted by on 18 October 2010 - 05:50 AM

I have found one of the hardest parts in dealing with people who are unaware of celiac is expressing that you will take care of your own food needs in an effort to be certain you remain GLUTEN FREE.

I have celiac and I also have sensitivities to many other foods. As such my food choices are extremely limited. I have tried telling people "I have celiac disease" and going through the whole explanation process. I have also tried just saying "no, thank you" when offered foods from others. It seems that neither is any easier. When you explain the celiac it's simple but people can't grasp it and if I say "no thank you" they oft times say "oh but you must try this!"

This is not a post that warrants a reply. It is in fact an observation about another aspect of socially coping with this disease. Mine is more than just gluten in that I cannot tolerate dairy or many raw vegetables, but none the less it is frustrating to have to explain yourself every time some one offers you food.

Oft times "No, thank you" suffices. In situations where that isn't enough I have been replying with "I have food allergies, but thank you for asking/offering/thinking of me."

I rarely want to get into a conversation about all the foods I cannot eat, but I am aware that teaching people about celiac is important. With that in mind sometimes I just want to go to a party and hang out, not be an advocate or teacher. I don't mind teaching people, but it just feels like the only thing I ever talk about is my food allergies and when people say "oh that must be really hard", or "oh I can't imagine" it places focus on the negative aspects of this disease when all I am trying to do is move past that part of it, and accept the healing my body is doing living gluten free.

Here's hoping "No, thank you" will eventually suffice!

Good luck and good healing to all!
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#647101 Celiac Literally Shifted My Entire Life

Posted by on 18 October 2010 - 04:08 AM


Thank you so much for your acknowledgment and recognition, it means a lot to me! Not many can grasp the disease itself let alone all the changes it begets.

I am a strong person, thank you for noticing, but sometimes it is hard for me to accept that FEELING the anger/hurt/disappointment/fear/loss that grieving begets is completely different than making a choice to LIVE in it, or allow it to supersede my main focus which is thriving regardless.

I truly appreciate your supportive words and empathy!

(((((((((HUGS BACK AT YOU))))))))))))

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