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Member Since 04 Jul 2009
Offline Last Active Aug 15 2011 08:44 PM

Topics I've Started

First Time In Three Years

07 August 2011 - 11:25 PM

I've just started a gluten challenge today after three years of being 100% gluten free. I have never, ever cheated. Long story short, I was with a very thorough doctor for another medical problem I have been dealing with, and after reviewing basically my entire medical history he thinks that the GI I saw, who does not have the best reputation apparently, was quick to say I had celiac without much evidence except that of "residual damage" on the biopsy (It had been taken after 6 months already gluten-free).

SO, three hours in and all I have is a raging headache, stomach pains and bloating... when I get CC'd, I usually have quite the reaction...what gives? Does anybody have delayed reactions? I always had a hard time tracking back what would "get" me, so maybe I react later... anyways, I'm terrified. Has anyone else done a gluten challenge?

PS. Good to be back! I haven't been on the forum since may :)

gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free Bread?

23 February 2011 - 06:53 PM

Udi's bread is the only non-vegan part of my diet, but it's way too delicious and I use it for too many things to give it up. I'm vegan for health reasons and am not heartbroken about eating the egg in it, but it would be better if I could find a vegan gluten-free bread. Any ideas? I might have to figure out how to make one..

I Hate Food..

23 January 2011 - 12:20 PM

It's gotten to the point where I hate food, and eating. I'm always scared of getting sick..my anxiety has gotten to the point where I rarely go out. Because in the past my stomach has always had problems (D, vomiting, etc) I refuse to put myself in a situation where there isn't a bathroom nearby. I always have to sit on an aisle and theatres or in class, I hate taking the bus, a taxi and HATED the subway when I was in Toronto. I don't really go out anymore because of this irrational fear.

SO to try and make this better I haven't been eating. I figure if there is nothing in me, nothing can come out of me, right? I constantly think about food; what I'm going to eat that day, will it make me sick, read the labels, worry about CC..some of it I HAVE to do, because of the gluten of course, but it really takes over my mind. I no longer eat meat or animal products because I think they'll make me sick.

When I do eat food I feel nauseous right away, even on things I KNOW shouldn't make me sick, like spinach and rice. I love cooking for other people, and love making up recipes, I just don't like eating it myself really. Except sometimes I'll make something delicious, like brownies, and eat the whole pan without being able to control myself. Then I won't eat the next day really, and feel horrible about myself for my lack of control.

Does anybody have any experience with these types of feelings? I don't know what to do about it. I'm losing weight and I probably shouldn't be, but I like it and it feels good. I know I need to eat thought because I've been getting dizzy and have horrible headaches. I don't know if I'm looking for advice, support or what..but feel free to give me tough love, I can handle it.

Show Season (Horses)

13 January 2011 - 10:48 AM

Hi all,

So show season is rapidly approaching, and we are travelling all over BC (no shows in Kamloops, where we are..) and usually sleeping in the horse trailer. It is the goose-neck kind with a bed on top.

My coach will be mostly eating at the show grounds, there are lots of cafeteria-style vendors around. I MIGHT be able to get away with a salad, but I really can't risk getting sick while I'm competing. I don't think I'll have access to a microwave, we might be able to bring a hot plate..

Usually we will be there for three days, so I was thinking of taking a cooler jam packed with lara bars, pre-made salad stuff, and lots of chickpea snacks and beans, nuts... We can probably go to a grocery store near the show grounds and stock up on fruit. Any other ideas? I'm really starting to worry that this is going to put so much extra stress on the already high-tension environment..

Heading To The Us

14 December 2010 - 10:32 AM

Hey guys so over Christmas I'll be heading down to Bellingham, let's hear you Americans' favourite products! I was thinking on stocking up on:

A Betty Crocker mix or two
Some type of protein bar? I used to get ThinkThin from Trader Joe's but couldn't find them last time I went down..

Any suggestions would be great. I'd also like to try maybe a restaurant down there (so sad the PF Chang's isn't until Seattle.. :( ). Anybody know if there is an in-n-out or a five-guys (I think that's the name..) where I could try fries?

Also, we have Udi's in Canada now (exciting, eh) so I don't need to look for that!

Thanks guys :D

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