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In Topic: gluten-free For 6 Years, Worse Than Ever. Help! New Person Here: )

17 October 2013 - 08:38 AM

Yes, the probiotics, taking high doses over a period of time, healed my leaky gut. The type I take are "3.0 Billion CFU's per capsule". I took one in the morning and one at night. I still take them. I've read that gluten issues "leech", or suck, vitamins/minerals and our "villi" is always going to be struggling to keep up. Vit. D is one of those. I'm not at all an outside kind of person, so I take extra D in pill form. But they say 10 minutes in the sunlight is good for a day's D. And I help my "villi" by taking the lactobacillus acidophilus. I would suggest the next time you go to the doctor and have blood drawn to ask them to do a work up on your vitamin/mineral levels and then find ways to boost those. 


One more question....I went back and scanned your post again. Is there, by chance, a non-glutenfree person in your household? I'm the only gluten-intolerant person in my household (at the moment). MOST of my cooking is just whole foods, naturally glutenfree. But occasionally I fix things that I do both....glutenfree AND normal. Like spaghetti nights or something. And they do for themselves all the time in MY kitchen, lol. They TRY hard to be aware but I've seen them lapse in remembering things I need for a non-contaminated work area. So I'm vigilant about washing down my counters and surfaces they touch A LOT. 

In Topic: Is Coeliac Triggered By Something?

17 October 2013 - 08:11 AM

Sadly, I think stress does all kinds of things to us that we don't realize. Even when we think we've got a handle on the stress. When my father was sick and dying I was VERY aware of the stress of the situation and did everything I could to deal with it and thought I was doing well. But there were DEFINITE things going on with my body that forced me to come home when all was said and done and have to have a d&c and go on medication because of the stress. I think it could be key to all kinds of things...heart, cancer, etc. But until we understand more, we are captives of our stresses. That said....I think my own gluten-intolerance (I figured it out on my own so was never officially diagnosed) came about because of a move. Now, we had moved numerous times prior...most, cross-country. All stressful, as moving usually is. But it was not an unknown and I thought I was dealing with it just fine, although I wasn't really happy about it. I had finally returned to live in a beloved location a second time and I didn't really want to leave again. But I was dealing. It was shortly after the move that I started having all kinds of problems and my own research was necessary because doctors weren't finding anything. Unfortunately, all the material out there says once that "trigger" is pulled, it can't be "UNpulled". :(

In Topic: gluten-free For 6 Years, Worse Than Ever. Help! New Person Here: )

16 October 2013 - 11:44 AM

From my own experience, nothing will be seem better till a leaky gut is healed. I found a gluten-free/allergen free vitamin/mineral place online at kirkmanlabs.com. I still use their Lactobacillus Acidophilus probiotics because dairy use to be a bigger issue for me when I discovered my gluten-intolerance also. So my doctor's suggestion of eating yogurt was not helpful. But I would take the pills in the morning and at night, both, for a few weeks. After awhile, I felt better and my digestion was clearly getting better. I would also make sure all your vitamins and such ARE glutenfree. As for the kale chips....did you use olive oil or spray oil? Did you know some spray oils have wheat in them?? Check yours. I suspect you are missing glutens and other foods that have become a bother to you. When I first started making my list...it seemed to go on and on. I ended up with a list of glutens, dairy, nuts, eggs, beans, rice. IN TIME, I have gotten the eggs back, SOME dairy with the help of lactose-free milk, SOME rice and SOME beans. The glutens and nuts seem to be my mainstays. Keep looking at your ingredients on EVERYTHING. ALL the time! Also look for those magic words, "....processed in a facility that also handles....." . THAT tells ME no-no. Best wishes!

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