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In Topic: Is It Possible To Get Dh In Genital Area?

17 July 2009 - 09:12 PM


font="Tahoma"]I have to say Lisa hit the nail on the head with summing it up as "horrible, painful and embarassing"! I get it on the crack of my behind and have seen many doctors including dermatologist who have done biopsys and still didn't get a diagnosis. They could tell what it wasn't but not what it was. After ten years of unexplained rashes I finaly figured it out in March. After doing a nutritional cleans that happened to be gluten free and thirty days of no out breaks I put the peices together! Since then I have broke out twice - once when I failed to check the label of a vitamine/supplament that contained wheat germ and another when I failed to read the ingredeints in a bottle of lotion. The thought of loading up on gluten in order to get a positive diagnosis through a biopsy makes me ill, I think I might try the DNA testing.[/font]

In Topic: Red Rash On Forearms

17 July 2009 - 08:39 PM

Hi ang1e0251,

Thanks for your reply. I didn't get it tested because we don't have insurance anymore. With all of my daughters health problems they raised it twice in one year and we couldn't afford it anymore. The itching isn't as bad as it was, but the bumps are still there. We are double checking everything we eat now and we are making sure we are gluten free. I don't want her to get as sick as she was last year. She missed her junior year of high school and was on the homebound program. She also doesn't want the rash to come back like it was in March. It lasted 2 months.

Wow, I'm sorry to read that you and your daughter have to deal with DH. After living with it for about ten years undiagnosed (and have only been self diagnosed since March) I can tell you that nothing you use topicly will help, I'v tried everything! The only thing that makes a diffrence is a STRICT gluten free diet. Be careful about soap, lotion, makeup, shampo, ect. I have dicovered that those items can contain gluten as well! After my last rash I tried to figure out what I ate that had gluten in it and came up empty handed, while the rash stayed for days I finaly figured out it was a new body lotion! Once I switched back to my old stand by the rash cleared up. Good luck, I hope this helps.

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