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Pregnancy Symptoms Or Birth Control Detox

23 June 2011 - 11:01 AM

I am having a moment. Ok a lot of moments lately. The short version is that I have Celiac, no functioning thyroid, and PCOS; AKA special olympics the fertility subdivision.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years now. We've been seeing a very successful infertility doctor. He seems to have gotten things on the right path and gave us the go ahead to get off the pill for the first time in a while (they determined after 14 mo or so of trying that being without the pill was causing further damage because of all the cysts on my ovaries). And yes I count all those months being ON THE PILL (doctors orders) as part of my trying to conceive time because that whole time my heart was aching for my body to stop this crap and allow a baby dangit... Anyway, we haven't told our friends and family we are off the pill and things seem to be going fine. I had one normal period off the pill. Now here comes the tricky part: my period is almost one week late and for the last 2.5-3 weeks I've been getting more and more symptoms. Now I know what you're thinking- you have PCOS, you just got off the pill, honey the chances of you being pregnant are less than 20% this soon after the pill AND who knows if you are even ovulating!!! But LISTEN!

I am going nuts. I know that all my reproductive organs are perfect at this point, at least to look at them. I had exploratory surgery and got the go ahead that things seem healthy to start trying, not 100% sure everything works but it at least appears healthy. Anyway, 2.5 or so weeks ago I start to get a bit tired. Every day a bit more tired. I have some nausea/queasiness/dizziness/vomiting (very minimal vomiting, more than heartburn/indigestion, but less than stomach flu). My appetite has picked up, but eating doesn't quite make me feel better. I have headaches. My emotions are up and down and up and down. I have gas. My veins are showing up darker and prouder than ever. Four days ago I started to get cramps and thought "Ooooh here it is...darn" but no - nothing happens from the cramps!! They are strange cramps that seem to get worse or better based on body position. My sex drive has increased. Just yesterday my back started to ache a bit. I can't lean forward while sitting without weird twinges or tightness. My nipples are super sensitive (but no pain). My tiredness eventually gave way to occasional insomnia. Sometimes, even if I sleep 10 hours the night before I HAVE TO-HAVE TO lay down around 12noon after lunch.

Please don't think I'm imagining things or letting my mind play tricks on me. I know that may be it, but please lie to me and tell me "Maybe you are pregnant but the tests are negative because it didn't implant?" Or "Maybe you are pregnant and 1 week late for period isn't enough for YOUR body to show on a home preg test.." I just need to know my body can GET PREGNANT. I don't need the second one to stick (I had a miscarriage approx 1.5 years ago that never showed positive on a pregnancy test but doc confirmed was likely 8 weeks pregnant) I just need a step further this time... Like a positive pregnancy test... or even the change to give my husband and I some hope.

I really wasn't stressing out much until today. I waited a few days (last test I took was on the day my period was due and it was negative) until today seeing as how it's almost a week late today.... I missed the morning pee so going by some research I did last night 4 hours in between bathroom breaks gives strong enough urine for a test... but still negative.

I haven't told ANYONE this and I am bursting with sadness and disappointment. My friends and family are so invested in my fertility that it's hard to talk to them anymore.. and I didn't want my husband to suspect that I would surprise him anyday with the good news!! I have it all planned out how I"d tell him... and he has it all planned out how we would tell our parents. Telling him I thought I was pregnant or giving any clues would only hinder the whole surprise element.

I know that most of these symptoms could simply be "coming down" off the control of the pill. It regulates hormones so well and having spent years (off and on) being on the pill I guess that my body could just be learning all over again... but what about the weird cramps and the muscle tightness in my lower abdomen. And the pain when I stretch? I guess it's possible that I have hormonal swinging issues with another ovarian cyst, but my cysts are very controlled right now with Metformin.

I know I am stressing here and it's not good for you and your period and maybe a baby and blah blah... that doesn't help. Knowing that doesn't help. How do I cope? When is it my turn? How long do I allow a glimmer of hope to ride out everyday until I give up and say I'm not pregnant for sure and it's just good old flipping PCOS rearing it's ugly head again. I really need someone who's been through PCOS and pregnancy and Celiac.... I may be asking alot but SOMEONE ANYONE PLEASE GIVE ADVICE OR SOOTHING WORDS!!!!! Something...

Chasing My Health And Always Behind

30 January 2011 - 04:53 PM

I discovered I had Celiac approximately 2 years ago. Prior to discovering the source of my constant suffering I was diagnosed with b12 def(requiring b12 shots every 3 wks) and hypothyroidism caused by an autoimmune condition. Those two conditions combined with Celiac allowed me to finally start to feel some true health. It was miserable to be 23, recently married, and having to completely change my life patterns, but after 6 looooong months of strict label reading I finally started to feel young and healthy!

Unfortunately, my triumph was not long lived. I explained to my husband that my complicated history with my reproductive system was likely to cause great difficulty in pregnancy. I never had any answers for my constant abnormal cycles, but I knew in my heart conception was going to be unlikely. A year of no pregnancy and my doctor said that for my health I either had to return to taking birth control or persue a fertility doctor. I was then diagnosed with PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome. Six months of seeing the fertility doctor, she tells me my thyroid levels are so high off the charts (even after months of no thyro meds) they aren't even showing on some of the blood tests.

So off to the endocrinologist. When I was 16 my thyroid went up and down for a year, but settled back to normal. I had never obtained an answer for that time in my life. Seeing the doc she diagnoses me with Graves Disease. A HYPERthyroidism disease! I was hypothyroid for over 2 years and never received an explanation why my body changed.

Two weeks ago I was given radioactive iodine to kill my thyroid. The first few days after that treatment I felt FINE, but the past 10-11 days I have been feeling awful. My immune system is practically useless so I thought maybe my pneumonia from Christmas was back, but the doc says no (even though I cough everyday). I have extreme fatigue and dizziness. My throat hurts horribly near where my throat comes together when I swallow. I am very moody and weak. My endocrinologist says there is no way I am hypothyroid yet.

I just don't know what to do... I have been feeling down because my health is a constant battle. Every doctor looks at me like I'm melodrammatic, but I'm actually quite tolerant to the deluge of symptoms my body can throw my way. My primary doctor has stopped treating me with any of his ideas and only treats me with what I ask him to do. I know that perhaps I am a bit pushy on doctors because I research everything they do to me, but my journey (like many) to a Celiac diagnoses was like a bad Lifetime movie. My only friend with celiac keeps telling me its my adrenal glands, but I can't get my doctor to believe how desperate I feel- how on earth will I convince him to test my adrenals!!! I honestly feel as if my light is going out...

Please help!!!

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