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Member Since 31 Jul 2009
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All Of My Labs Are Normal So Far...

14 September 2009 - 07:30 PM

Here are the results of my labs:

Vitamin B12 - 370 (211-911)
Ferritin, Serum - 52 (10-291)
Immunoglobulin A, Qn, serum - 321 (70-400)
Endomysial Antibody IgA - Negative
HLA DQ2 - Negative
HLA DQ8 - Negative

Deamidated Gliadin Abs, IgA - 4.0 (0.0 - 10.0)
Deamidated Gliadin Abs, IgG - 1.0 (0.0 - 10.0)
tTG IgA - 1 (0-3)

The doc's office said there is no way that I am celiac. They aren't ordering a scope. I had my skin biopsy today as well. I asked the GI nurse if I could be positive on my skin but not my labs and she said that she didn't think so. In fact, said she had never heard of that before.
I am also having a transit time study for my constipation. I swallowed small metal markers and now we're taking x-rays. I took the pill yesterday and they are either still in my small intestine or maybe in the beginning of my large intestine. Obviously, my film showed lots of "stuff" in my colon...which I knew would be there. It also showed that I have a lot of colon which I also knew. My flexures are very steep and that's where I get the most pain.

Ho-hom...not that I want to positive but I would love for there to be a single fixable problem to deal with. Having no rash and being able to use the bathroom would be wonderful!

I think I'll try the gluten free lifestyle anyway and see how I feel.
I'll keep you posted.

Saw My Gastroenterologist Today...

31 August 2009 - 02:29 PM

I think she might be a keeper. She didn't dismiss my symptoms or make me feel like a hypochondriac. She said that a lot of my symptoms sound like celiac but some may have other causes. She is very thorough. She is testing me for everything. These are the labs that I can remember:

Celiac Panel
Thyroid (TSH)
CBC w/ diff
A1C (for diabetes)
Hep screen (since I have a tattoo)

U/S for gallbladder
Transit time for chronic constipation (swallow pills with markers in them and follow up with x-rays at intervals)

Diabetes, heart disease, gallbladder, hepatitis, stroke all run in my immediate family. My older sister had a stroke at 23. She has a genetic blood disorder called Factor V deficiency, which causes clotting.

Dr. Jagiella is referring me to an Oncologist to be screened for Factor V deficiency as well. She said that if I have it then that can affect the circulation to my gut thus affecting my transit time due to small clots in the arteries.

She suspects that I may have Metabolic Syndrome as well. That would explain my weight gain. Today I was hypertensive in the office. I guess I have been for my last few dr. visits. And I know that my cholesterol is elevated. Has been for over 20 yrs. Not high enough to treat medically but hangs out around 200. She said my liver felt slightly enlarged too. Ho- hum...I am feeling like a fatty-boom-ba-latty now.

She saw the rash on my back and said "Oh yes...this needs to be biopsied". She seemed suspicious of it. So it's back to the derm too.

She said she isn't going to give me any meds or tell me anything until we get the labs back. If I test positive then she wants to do the biopsy for confirmation.

So that's where I am today. Another step closer to knowing one way or the other.

I'll keep you posted.


Celiac And Msg

22 August 2009 - 09:37 PM

Whenever I eat Chinese food I always feel sick about half an hour later. Could this be the MSG or the gluten...or both?
Now that I think about it, there are many times when I have felt sick after eating certain foods. Mostly restaurant foods. Hmmm...is there a trend here?

Is All Of This Really Related?

22 August 2009 - 09:14 PM

I thought that researching Celiac Disease and considering going gluten free would be not so bad. I don't know if I have it but after reading everything I have read, I definitely have most of the symptoms. I'm sure that if I am diagnosed and do change my diet (my life) I will feel so much better. But I have to say the more I read the more upset I get.
What is making me upset is WHAT IF THIS IS THE ROOT OF THE MEDICAL ISSUES I'VE HAD MY WHOLE LIFE? That means that I have suffered needlessly MY WHOLE LIFE in one form or another. And probably the worst was the 15 years of pain suffered from the horrid rash on my hands. The physical pain was bad but the emotional pain...gees!!!!! It was so embarrassing!!! Sometimes wearing bandaids on all of my fingers just to cover it up.
Then there's the gut pain. All those years of bloating!!!!!!! All of that chronic constipation!!!!!!! Not being able to go to the bathroom for a week at a time!!!! And still an issue. I just can't go to the bathroom like a normal person. ARGH!!!!!!!
The headaches...let's not forget the headaches. Since I'm 14 yrs old I have had headaches. That's 30 yrs of headaches...almost daily.
I've had knee pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain intermittantly since I was a teenager.
I have chronic neck and back pain. I have arthritis in my spine. I had degenerative disc disease in my neck at 14 yrs old. What kid has degenerative changes at 14?
Now I have this stupid itchy rash on my back and chest that WILL NOT GO AWAY!!!! I've had it for 7 yrs now and it refuses to heal. The more I put on it the worse it gets so I have decided to stop treating it until I get diagnosed (or not diagnosed.)
My appt is in a week. I hope I get some answers. I am feeling a little pissed right now. I don't know at who or why but I am.
To add insult to injury, today my coworker yells across the room "what's that on the back of your neck?" Like I needed that!!! It's a freakin' rash!!!!! Thanks for pointing it out. I didn't know it was there!


Another Form Of "is All Gluten Created Equal"?

17 August 2009 - 02:38 PM

A coworker of mine has a daughter with diabetes and was recently diagnosed with gluten sensitivity. Hwe endo doc told her to not eat whole grain foods. To read the label and if wheat was the first few ingredients to not eat it. So she can have processed white bread but not whole wheat bread. She says her daughetr feels better since changing this in her diet.
Have any of you heard of anything like this for a true gluten sensitivity?

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