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Carri Ninja

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In Topic: Positive Dh Biopsies And Blood Tests - Do I Need Gi Biopsy?

19 February 2010 - 05:47 AM

For those of you with DH, can you please help? I had two positive skin biopsies - first of lesional skin and then, because the first suggested DH, of peri-lesional skin by immunofluorescence. Came back with DH diagnosis. Had blood tests and they came back like this: 313 for T. Transg IGA. 79 for A-Gliadin IGG and 205 for A-Gliladin IGA; A-Endomysial AB = positive; Endomysial IGA GIV = 1:320. Doctors said that was clearly indication of celiac disease.

I went gluten-free for 10 days: the rash started to clear and I felt much better, though startled that this was what I have (it was the last think I expected. In fact, I never thought this rash of two years was anything more than an allergic reaction to something I couldn't define). But last week the GI doc said I had to go back on gluten and have endoscopy and biopsy of the small intestine. So I started intesting gluten again and I feel horrible.

Do I have to have the GI biopsy? Could I say no? Is there a good reason to go for this? I am getting depressed and sad, not to mention sick. Of course, the rash has reappeared and my gut is a mess. I don't want to devolve into depression. I'm thinking I could benefit from antidepressant medication just to get through this.

Please help!

I have always had DH, and the drs could never tell me what it was. Went gluten free and found this forum. That's how I found out. I have been gluten-free for a year now, except for occasional cross contamination - maybe once every 4 mo. I have had a scope done recently without eating gluten and they were still able to give me a positive for celaic. I might just be a rare case? My Dr. told me that the elimination diet along with my heart issues stopping was good enough of a diagnosis for him. He wasn't going to ask that I continue risking my heath for it. I would suggest talking to your Dr. and explaining how horrible you feel. Maybe they can do a blood test now instead of making you wait. I know the blood tests aren't always accurate, but if you feel that bad there's a def. reaction.
Good luck and I hope you feel better.

In Topic: Olive Garden gluten-free Menu

16 February 2010 - 01:12 PM

I ate lunch at the Tupelo, Mississippi, Olive Garden on Tuesday for lunch. I ordered from their gluten-free menu, and immediately after eating started getting sick. I barely made it home, which is 30 minutes, from work, and I also left an hour early! I was deathly ill with flu-like symptoms all night long, high fever, chills, sweating. I missed work on Wednesday and am still not up to par today!

Anyone ever had this experience before? How long will it last? I have been soooo careful, and to have this kind of setback is discouraging :angry:

Oh, I did call the manager and let him know I had gotten sick...just so no one else will. The Outback in Tupelo is terrific!

I am very sorry to hear you have had such a bad experience. I hope it isn't food poisoning, but then again being glutened is essentially food poisoning. I feel for you. Every time I get contaminated I go through the exact same thing. I will have severe flu like symptoms, run a high fever, break out with dh and eczema. My body will get rid of it any way it can. It is a terrible thing! My husband and I had planned on trying the gluten-free menu for valentines day at olive garden, but it was extremely busy. We both were very worried about contamination. We ended up eating at red robin - burgers for v-day, but as long as it is safe it is a real treat to eat out ya know. Anyways I will not be trying this now thank you for saving my the possible reaction. The last one caused hallucinations (because of fever) about a blue man eating banana on the roof. :rolleyes: we all got a bang outta that one after. It usually takes me about 5-8 days to fully recover from a cc glutening. The last time I ate a piece of bread it almost killed me (before I knew). The dr wanted to put in a pace maker right away, but I refused. At that time my organs had shut down and the dr couldn't fig out why. The best thing I can say is listen to your body, and don't worry about offending others - your health is more important! Good luck and I hope you feel btter!!

In Topic: Colorectal Cancer

21 August 2009 - 09:15 AM

I use Nutribiotic brand Grapefruit Seed Extract {not grape seed} because it is "safe and all natural".

The pills are what I take for like uti's, and when I feel like I am getting an infection from my heart going bonkers lol

I also have it in liquid form. If you don't want to purchase both - because it can be quite pricey depending on the size- I would suggest the pills first just because it is cheaper. It is like 8$ here at the heath food store for a bottle of 50. Which taken twice a week is quite cheap, and Cheaper then what I was spending on antibiotics.

Anyways I use the liquid as a topical for the most part - although it can be added to your drink. It has a bit of a bitter taste, but works just like the pills. The liquid I use ans an acne cure. I get some bad ones when I have a reaction and the GSE clears them by the next day where usually I have them 2-3 weeks - even with prescription acne meds ;)

It is 20$ for a 4 oz bottle, but is super concentrated. One drop in my palm and mixed with water {as much as my hand can hold.} I then wash my face nightly with it. If i get a blemish I use it full strength - which is not recommended for first time uses - it can burn you seriously.

Anyways Good luck and I hope you get as much good out of it as I have. I think it is wonderful - AND ALL NATURAL which is even better!

In Topic: Colorectal Cancer

17 August 2009 - 07:02 AM

Thank you for your post!!

I am looking into this - it was a very interesting article - I had never heard of this before. I knew about the green tea and have been taking that off and on. {as much as my body will allow}
I try to solve things the best I can by using a natural approach, as I am allergic and intolerant of so many things.
I use GSE {grapefruit seed extract} to help boost my immune system as well. The GSE cures the UTI's that I get all to frequently. It also helps with my acne.

I had severe arrhythmia and strong heart beats before I went gluten free - it damaged my mitral valve causing a prolapse. I was on steroids for it for almost 4 years. Because of it I have to be on antibiotics for all kinds of things like dental work. The GSE helps me not have to take nearly as many antibiotics. { like once a month vs 3 times a year :D }

Some of my health problems are finally starting to get better, but some are not. There were things that I thought would go away and haven't. I have been gluten free minus accidental contamination of course, since Nov. of last year. I hope with time things will change even more.

I always knew something wasn't right, and always thought when I finally got it figured out it would be the miracle "cure" and I would be perfectly healthy. I have come to the conclusion that was a childish wish and I will never be perfectly healthy, as the celiac was left untreated for way to long.

So THANK you for your time. I am always willing to give things a whirl to see if it will help.
You guys are all in my thoughts and prayers.
This board has helped me so so much!!

I too have many problems:
ibs, liver enzymes elevated, skin cancer, can feel a strong beat on my chest from heart rate, especially after eating something salty, fibrocystic breast, anemia, fog brain, you name it.

Plus my mom and sister diagnosed with breast/ovarian ca.

Have you checked in to the budwig diet? Not only do we need to avoid gluten, but because we are more problems that can affect our immune system, it has been CRITICAL that I follow a diet lately that cancer patients are on.

There is a group on yahoo for the budwig diet.

She was a german doctor who cured 90% cancers and has been nominated for 7 nobel prize winners. Many people on the forum will tell you they feel like a new person after a few months of eating this way.

In Topic: Colorectal Cancer

12 August 2009 - 11:44 AM

Thank you for posting this really did put my mind at ease a bit. Especially the tip about going gluten free and after 5 yrs our chances of cancer go down. I hope everything is going well for you and your family as well!! :rolleyes:

I am sorry you have had to go through so much. What was the test that came back positive? Was it the test for occult blood in the stool or was it an xray or CT? If it was the test for blood in the stool that can have many reasons for a positive result and not all are as dire as cancer. Whichever test it was it is good that they are checking things out. It sounds like you have been good at keeping an eye out for problems which is also a good thing as the sooner something is found the better the outcome is. Please keep us posted and try your best not to worry too much until the tests are complete. I don't know if you are aware of this but from what I have read for celiacs after 5 years on the diet our chances of developing an intestinal cancer go down to the same rate as for the rest of the population. We are here for you. Ask anything you need to and vent if you need to. I hope the testing goes well and the outcome is a good one.