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Carri Ninja

Member Since 03 Aug 2009
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Colorectal Cancer

03 August 2009 - 12:24 PM

I have seen a few other posts about this, but none that were real recent. Hoping someone has some advice or something.
I am 29 - a bit young to have cancer I know.
My Celiac was just diagnosed last Nov. It had caused a series of problems from heart arrhythmia to my organs just shutting down. I have had the symptoms and digestive problems my whole life. IE: hiatal hernia at 15. The dr's have given me a ton of tests and a few different diagnoses, but My friends mom was the one who told me about celiac and essentially saved my life.

Now one of my tests has come back positive for colorectal cancer. I am waiting for my scope {apt is set - but the waiting sucks} I am also a bit nervous because I am allergic to caines so I cannot be numbed locally when they do this. I think they may have to sedate me completly.

Several people in my family have had this cancer, and some have died at a very young age because of digestive/cancer problems.
My mom's mom was 52 when she died - and had been resuscitated 8 different times in her life due to heart complications. My aunt was 38 when she had to have a pacemaker - think she has celiac as well but refuses to follow the diet. Mom brother and father all have Celiac. I know it is Genetic. The more I read the more I find where Celiac and Colon cancer seem to be related even though they are several feet of intestines apart and etc. Yet the Celiac reaction is felt thought the whole body so why not right.

Is there anyone else going through this also or has been through it?
I am ready to pull my hair out!! {well what isn't falling out already.}
The stress and constant illnesses are awful. My husband has been super supportive, but I wonder how much is enough for him. He is constantly telling me I need to eat because I am loosing to much weight.
I have a 7 year old and a wonderful husband who I love dearly and they keep me going. Yet it is just one thing after another and it really wears me out. I feel like just giving up.

IBS, IC, endometreosis, heart arrhythmia, mitral valve prolapse, lactose intolerant, and way to many other allergies to list

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