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Mark C

Member Since 08 Nov 2004
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09 November 2004 - 11:59 AM

I have been diagnosed with celiac about 1+1/2 years ago.I had suffered through 15 years of doctors telling me I had I.B.D. or crohns disease.I never had a diagnosis until a year and a half ago.I was diagnosed as celiac and went on a gluten free diet.My villi have recovered,my levels in my Iga & Igg,antigladdin are now normal.My problem is I dont feel ANY better.I have severe pain and discomfort after having a b.m.,and I usally go about 3-5 times a day especially in the morning.Even though I only eat one time a day.I also tend to get very nausiated after b.m.s and eating.I watch my diet very close and eat or drink anything even questionable.Even the persciption pain medication my doctor gives me barely lets me function on a low level.I really beleived I was going to start feeling better ...........but it just has not happened.I even thought I might have bacterial overgroth so my doctor prescribed flaygle for 10 days but no change.
My biopsys always looked bad.........crohnic severe inflammation,loss of villi,ect.My igg,iga,antigladdin were all abnormal as well.Why do I still feel terrible? :(

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