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In Topic: So Frustrated And Angry Today

17 May 2004 - 11:02 AM

Hey everyone,

Thanks again for the great advice. You're all wonderful.

I was wondering, how do you usually add foods back in to test? How many times should I eat the food -- is once enough, or should I have a little for a few days in a row? How long should I wait between different foods? A couple of days?

I just started taking B12 sublingual tablets -- thanks for that suggestion. I'm also making another appt with my regular doc, in addition to the GI specialist this week, so I will ask her about testing me for vitamin deficiencies.


In Topic: So Frustrated And Angry Today

14 May 2004 - 03:24 PM


Thank you so much for your warm and thoughtful replies.

I'm taking your advice and sticking to rice and chicken, maybe some other very mild foods for a while, then slowing introducing things one at a time to check how I do.

At this point, the diarrhea and stuff is minor compared to the scarier things I've been experiencing (it's so frightening to wake up and realize you've lost sensation in your body -- and i'm in my 20s!). But I know they could be related, so I guess I should start with the food.

I do know how lucky I am, and I really believe that if I ever figure out what's wrong with me and get better, I'll live a much healthier and content life in the long run. Or maybe if my body just has more time to heal on its own. The best thing for me I think is that things I used to worry about seem so trivial now -- and that really is a blessing. There is so much in the world to be joyful about, and so little that is truly worth worrying over.

Thanks again all for your help.

Off to have a little rice picnic in the park (before it rains!)

Have a beautiful weekend.


In Topic: Could I Have Celiac's?!

12 May 2004 - 08:35 AM


Some people might disagree, but I wouldn't reduce the amount of bread products you eat until you are able to see a doctor and get tested for Celiac.

I stopped eating gluten before getting tested and it makes it much more difficult to find out what is wrong with you.

You might want to keep a food diary and see if you notice certain things making you sicker. That could help answer questions at the doctor's office.

Good luck and take care of yourself.


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