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Member Since 18 Aug 2009
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Vegetarian 18 Yrs. Gluten Free Almost Four Months.

18 August 2009 - 08:57 AM

After eighteen years of strict vegetarianism (by choice), I can't get myself to go back to meat, nor do I really want to. I've been saddened to see gluten-free menus looking more like they were developed for Atkin's dieters, with nothing I can have but salad.

I live in an area North of Boston that hasn't even been friendly for vegetarians, though Boston/Cambridge/Brookline are. Where I live, it's very provincial in attitude and very meat-and-potato (and fried seafood). I can no longer help support restaurants in my own neighborhood, where one place at least had a veggie burger and another a pasta dish!

I know about the RAW/Veggie/Vegan/Gluten-Free/everything else politically correct restaurant in Beverly. I enjoy it once in a while, but I can't go there socially or even with my girlfriend because I don't know anyone else who will eat there. :(

Aside from the lack of options, I'm pissed off that at places like NEBO it's a whole $4 extra for gluten free versions of their pizzas. On one hand, it's great they offer them, on the other hand, it's price gouging. I know the ingredients cost more, but they don't cost that much more.

It's put a ding on my social life (well, a little), my wallet (gluten free price-gouging in restaurants and supermarkets), and options because I love all kinds of ethnic foods.

How do we educate the North Shore? I can't be the only one...well, I know of one other celiac Nahant.

-Seth in Lynn, MA.

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