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Heidi S.

Member Since 24 Aug 2009
Offline Last Active Nov 25 2010 05:39 PM

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In Topic: Progresso Soup

17 November 2010 - 04:09 PM

I noticed that there is a several year old thread on canned soup right below this but I am wondering if anyone has eaten the Progresso Soup that is labeled Gluten Free. I have a few cans of Progresso Vegetable Classics labeled Gluten Free 2 times on the can. Anyone eat these? There are several listed on their website as being marked gluten free. THey are made by General Mills.

I eat them often! Clam chowder, cream of mushroom, veggie, lentil. They clearly mark their products like their Rice Chex cereal. I have never had a problem!

In Topic: Symptoms Returning After Initial Cure

17 November 2010 - 04:07 PM

When I first went on a gluten-free diet, my symptoms disappeared almost immediately. Because of bad advice from the diagnosing physician, I did cheat on the diet. Still, I felt great for almost 2 years and then symptoms started coming back. I got wiser and tightened up my diet, but am still having problems with diarrhea and bloating. Does gluten sensitivity become more severe with time? I have read about some of the drastic measures some people have to take. My family is not gluten free, so I guess cc might be an issue. I just can't figure out why the miracle cure went away. I am also off of dairy.

From my experience you become MORE INTOLERANT the longer you are away from gluten. When I am contaminated I get diarrhea and bloating, when I am glutened I am TERRIBLE like food poisoning. I was able to eat gluten for 25 years now I can even stand a few crumbs... My doctor told me it was because I am now healed or healthier so the exposer is more dramatic and damaging a healthy system. The only other things is another food allergy, we build up intolerance with damage, you may be eating something your body can't handle as well. But I would tighten up your diet, check labeling, did ingredients change on some packaging? and be more diligent of CC. Then try some allergy testing if all else fails. Eggs were causing me horrible bloating that I didn't know I had developed an allergy to them!

In Topic: Gross Question, But I Have To Ask It :(

03 November 2010 - 08:46 PM

I had mucus in my stools pre-diagnosis. I now get it occasionally when I am glutened, even a little bit. I never get mucus in my stool when I mess up my egg allergy or my other food allergies. I personally contribute it to getting into gluten somewhere. Reading a study in the last year said that even the BEST gluten free diets, it is impossible to 100% eliminate gluten due to changes in manufacturing, contamination, cross contamination or improper sterilization. We all do our best. Drink lots of water, exercise, and sweat any gluten out of your system. Then re-check all the labels you depend on, has something changed?, then check ANYTHING new in your routine? I hope it goes away and was just a fluke thing.

Hope you feel better!

In Topic: Having Second Thoughts.... And I Cheated Today....

21 September 2010 - 06:22 AM

Hey Heidi, thanks for your relpy. I am going to do the enterolab thing. I have been doing something small with gluten every other day for fear of an episode. I have this awful crack on the side of my mouth again and excema on my eye lid again. I have had it before when I was dieting after I had my last baby, and before that as a child many times. Was told it was some vit def like b or zinc? Do you get those? Im going to make a post on another forum to see if that's common or what. I also think I may have vitiligo? I have this bright white spot that has been getting bigger over the years. thx
crampy girl

Good Luck with the enterolab, I hope you find some answers! Remember in order to perform these tests you do have to damage your system, damage you have to heal from, be careful and stop if conditions worsen, no testing is worth serious complications.

I do have the skin form celiacs mine manifests itself with tongue spots (patches of very painful spots on my tongue) and dry cracking skin around my mouth. Though I haven't seen them in a long time. My vitamin D deficiency gives me TERRIBLE joint pain and exhaustion. Am not sure to be honest on the effects of B or Zinc. Sorry I couldn't be of more help! But you can have your vitamin levels checked by a primary care doctor with a simple blood test.

In Topic: Having Second Thoughts.... And I Cheated Today....

17 September 2010 - 08:53 PM

I have been through very similar to u, told it was stress, vitamin D deficiencies, bad spells increasing with age, exercise runs, oh the cramping...took out gallbladder only to get worse, negative on celiac panels, acid reflux, high fiber supplements...joke.

All I have to say is you know your body better than anyone, I can't eat early morning even being gluten free, does not matter what you react to if you are celiac with damage you will react to everything until you get gluten free and purge your system to heal. Detoxing can be slow and take upwards of 6 months to remove symptoms. My vitamin D levels are stable and good, it is NOT stress related, and even though I can not test positive for celiac for the life of me, I am 100% intolerant of gluten! I do have other allergies that have developed due to the years of damage on a weaken system (eggs, garlic, citrus fruits) but I was able to pin-point them later with an allergist easy b/c I got my gluten systems cleared up! It is called "practicing medicine" for a reason, they do not know all the answers for every person. I am a new person being gluten free for over a year, I truly have a stomach stress free life most of the time! I hope you experience that!!

Best of Luck!

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