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Member Since 25 Aug 2009
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In Topic: Doctor Shocked At My Refusal For Biopsy

30 August 2009 - 01:14 PM

I was told by my GP's nurse that I tested positive for Celiac 2 weeks ago, so this past Friday, I met with a GI Dr. Basically, I paid him my co-pay to be told what I already knew. And then he told me I *need* to have a biopsy, even though all the blood work was positive (I need to ask for exact numbers, but I know that all tests were positive - though he said they were "mild"). I told him, I really didn't want the biopsy. He asked why. I said, because I felt it was invasive, and not even 100% accurate, so I didn't see the point.

He went on to tell me, and I quote, "It is the gold standard..." I still said, that at this time, I would rather do a gluten-free diet (even though I don't really have any symptoms to begin with). Finally, we agreed, I would do that and come back in a month or 2.

I asked him if other people refuse the biopsy, and he told me no, I was the first one. I have a difficult time believing this.

What really got me though, was when I would ask him questions about Celiac, he would respond that he can't really answer anything "until I have the biopsy"...even general questions about the disease. I was so annoyed.

And then he goes on to tell me how since I am a vegetarian, I am going to have a really tough time, and walks out the door. Oh gee, thanks Dr...way to give me confidence and be supportive. Personally, I am pretty proud of the fact that I am a vegetarian (who occasionally eats fish, so really a pescatarian if you want to get technical =)

Anyway..has anyone else experiences this...a Dr who basically doesn't want much to do with you until you get the biopsy so you can become a bona-fide statistic??

I am just outside of Chicago, and moving back into the city this year. I know University of Chicago has good Celiac Drs, so I was thinking maybe I will find one here, but then I am thinking..they may not want anything to do with me either, until I agree to the biopsy :(

I was told that the blood test can be a false positive and that the only definitive test is the biopsy. It's worth it to know for sure before you have to start a strict, limiting diet. The test is very, very simple and over in 20 minutes. However, I live in Canada and do not have to pay for the test as we have coverage with our universal medical plan.

In Topic: Any Celiac(s) From Canada

25 August 2009 - 08:40 PM

Hi - I'm from Delta BC just south of Vancouver. I was diagnosed with kidney disease 2 1/2 years ago and did a massive diet change. I was then diagnosed with Celiac in July 2009. I don't have any abdominal problems but do suffer from autoimmune issues. I have been gluten free for about a month, now, and already feel less tired and achy. I hoping to halt osteoporosis and avoid any more iron IV's. Not sure if my kidneys will improve but just to feel well is my aim!!

I have found that Save on Foods/Price Right/ Overwaitea are a wonderful source of gluten free products. I haven't ventured into baking with different flours, yet, but will in the future.


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