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Celiac & Colitis? At Hospital Now, Confused. Please Read

30 August 2009 - 02:32 PM

Hello everyone.
This is my first time at the forums, so I do appologize if this post is simialr to any of the other ones. If any of you out there reading this have any simialr experiences or knowledge of this kind of thing, please do pipe in. I would really appreciate some other people's perspective on this. We are in the hospital room right now.

My husband is currently in the hospital with some sort of "mystery" ailment. He has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis going on about 2.5 years now. He is only 28 years old. He has had issues with his collitis off and on, and for the past month it has been especially bad. On friday night I rushed him to the ER with stabbing abdominal pains. all up and down his left side.

For a while now, we have been suspicious that he may have celiac disease as well. It is so hard to tell though, because he is constantly sick with the colitis, and we have not tried a gluten free diet.

This morning the doctors did a lower gi scope on him, which revealed a mild irritation in the small intestine, and should not be causing the high pain that my husband is in. He has a high pain tolerance, and has been actually passing out from the pain waves that hit him.

His pain is mainly on the left side from his groin area to his rib cage. His stomach is swollen and tender to the touch. The entire belly area is tender and impossible to touch, but most of the pain is coming from the left side.

On Friday night they admitted him. Have been giving him pain meds since then. A system clean out on saturday pm with nuLytely, and then a scope this morning (sunday). they took some stool samples as well, and a bunch of blood work. The bloodwork has come back inconclusive. No word on the stool samples or the biopsy's they took from the scope.

His doctor does not listen to him, and has not suggested anything besides the colitis. My husband has a lot of the symptoms of ceiliac dissease as well, including stomach upset, pain, and the tingling in the extremities. He also has excessive joint pain :(

Are there any specific tests that I can request for my husband? I want to make sure that the doctors do not waste any more time on this, as my husband is in major pain, and this hospital room is very pricey every single day we are here. I am not as well versed in Celiac Dissease as I am with colitis, but I am pretty sure that this is more than just colitis.

Thanks in advance to anybody who has read this post, and I await any replies, info, or advice you can give me.
Thanks so much!


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