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Member Since 15 Nov 2004
Offline Last Active Jul 03 2006 09:09 AM

Topics I've Started

Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism ?

01 July 2005 - 09:48 AM

Hi everyone .......
Along with severe gluten intolerance,numerous other food allergies, fibromyalgia,
I also have Hashi's hypothyroidism.

I know that thyroid disease is seen often with gluten intolerance.

I am wondering how many have this condition, and what thyroid replacement med has helped you the most ??

I have done a lot of research about Armour replacement - natural instead of synthetic. I tried the Armour, and seemed to tolerate it well - except it gave me loose stools. After 4-1/2 years of having diarrhea - this was NOT a welcome side effect !!! :unsure:

Wondering if anyone else has had luck with Armour - or if Synthroid has been a better med for you ??

Also - once the hypothyroid is treated, and TSH levels come down, did you feel even better ??? I feel so much better stomach and intestine wise, but the energy level is in the ditch .... and I am hoping that with the proper thyroid treatment, recovery would be better. Even the muscular pain I think could become better with optimal thyroid treatment.

Thanks in advance for your responses .... be wishes for good health :)


Regarding Magnesium Injections

22 June 2005 - 04:23 PM

:) Hi cdford - I am a "newbie" - diagnosed with severe gluten intolerance through Entero Lab - I have also had Fibro for 20 years ;) Lived well with it until the last 4-1/2 years. Gluten intolerance has added some very bad things to the pot !!!

I have been browsing this site for a while now - and finally had the courage to make a few posts.

Your post reagrding magnesium injections mad me almost fall off of my chair !!!

I have been recieving mag injections - 1000 mg/weekly - for 5-1/2 months. I am SO excited to see that there is someone else out there who also uses mag IM.

It has relieved my migraines (mostly) - does help with some pain - gives me a little more energy - makes me feel warmer - shut down muscle spasms - they have been a Godsend after spending 4-1/2 years thinking I was certainly dying.

My husband has learned how to give the injections, so we will be able to do them at home. We also may use them a little more often - maybe 500 mg every 2nd or third day. We give them deep into the big old Glute muscles :)

Thanks also for posting the gluten-free brand names of Xylocaine - my internist will be ordering for me next week - and I am going to let him know this information.

There is such a wealth of knowledge here - I am sure it will take me quite a while to sift through it all.

I bet you never knew when you posted this that you would be helping out a newbie so much ----- thank you !!!

I am looking forward to getting to know you all better.

Hugs to you .......

Newbie With Lots Of Questions

22 June 2005 - 03:47 PM

Hi everyone. I am a "newbie" here - but have been lurking for awhile. I was a nurse for a lot of years - and recently have had my own needlework design and publishing company. I have had to give this up over the past 6-8 months - I don't have the stamina right now <_<

I was diagnosed 2 months ago with severe gluten intolerance through Entero Lab.
Also have the immune reaction to gliadin which results in an autoimmune reaction to the human enzyme tissue transglutaminase, and both of my parents have the gluten sensitive gene.

My bloodwork was questionable ( I heard yes and no, yes and no) - biopsy was negative.

I really believe this all began about 6-7 years ago - but I've had IBS since my early 20's - so docs thought that was what the problem was. The last 4-1/2 years have been constant/daily diarrhea - to the point of being so weak I thought for sure I was dying. Have lost 35 pounds over this period of time, and am still not really gaining. :(

I continue to be exhausted much of the time - not like my "old self" at all !!!

I have had Fibromyalgia for 20 years - but lived "well" with it - it really didn't get in my way that much.

My Vit D count was only a 5 - so I am trying my darndest to take D supplements. It seems anything new I introduce - my stomach and intestines take soooo long to adapt ;) Is this normal ??? Do others have problems with supplements as well ??? Also taking calcium, zinc, and the B's.

I am having a bone density scan done in 4 days to check for osteoporosis, and am also receiving weekly magnesium injections.

I hope it is okay for me to post here - I realize that a lot of you have true celiac. But with the severe bone & muscle pain, neuro symptoms, weight loss, and continued allergies to so many foods - this seemed like a great place to start :)

I have so many questions - but I will save them for another time, and will post them seperately. My back only lasts so long sitting at the computer !!!

I look forward to getting to you all better - and understanding what is going on in my body a little better too !!! Nursing school NEVER prepared me for this !!!

Thanks for reading my into ..... hugs and blessings,

Newbie With Questions, Please ?

15 November 2004 - 10:36 AM

Hello everyone. I am so glad to have found this forum !! Lots of questions - I hope I am not making a pest of myself :+)

I have had "IBS" for 20 years, but usually had it pretty much under control. I also have Fibromyalgia, but that ws always very much under control as well - it really didn't alter my life that much, except for an occassional flare. About 3-/12 years ago, I began to have diarrhea only, and severe stomach "spasms" or cramps. I put it off as my IBS in a huge flare.

Now, 3 years later, I am searching for what in heavens name is wrong with my upper intestines!!! I had the blood work done for Celiac - it was negative. Had an upper an lower scope done - Gasto said everything was fine - kind of dismissed me as "only IBS".

I am SO weak. I don't know what to eat !!! Last night I had a slice of French bread - I woke up at 3am with spasms in my upper intestines - and oodles of gas.
So today it is back to bananas and tea.

My question - if I am gluten intolerant - can this also lead to vitamin deficiencies ?
I have really wondered about Vitamin B12 - I am cold ALL the time - severe headaches daily - feel like I am in a fog. Severe muscle pain, dizzy and a very fast heart rate when I am up. I am so exhausted - I spend so much time lying down. This is NOT me !!! I was a go getter, and I don't know which way to turn anymore. Have any of you had anemia type symptoms before going gluten free ?

I was thinking of using the lab that tests your stool sample - to see what concluson they could come up with. My internist said if the blood work was negative- then I am not gluten sensitive.

If this sounds familiar to any of you - I would sure appreciated your input and comments. I hope to get to know you all a little better !!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post :+)

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