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In Topic: Does This Sound Like Dh?

04 June 2013 - 06:52 PM

from all I have read, there is a small subset of patients with celiac disease who develop DH even though they have been on a strict gluten free diet.

but I am wondering if you have been so careful all this time, if perhaps this rash is not DH. but a rash from something else.



I actually thought it was poison ivy at first, but it's been two months now. Plus you would think the steroids would have taken it away completely. Right now, gluten CC and corn are my biggest suspect. It seemed after I took the prednisone it was looking like it was going away, then I ate a gluten-free cereal (Arrowmills Buckwheat), Frito's and Popcorn two days ago. My stomach was so bloated that day and it seemed like the rash got worse. :(


I really hope it's not corn, but I've been suspecting I have a problem with it because I can't eat a lot of gluten-free cereals. A lot of them have corn in them. I've never gotten a rash before with any food.

In Topic: Does This Sound Like Dh?

04 June 2013 - 06:41 PM

I am not sure what this means, hon. If you started to avoid any of those foods, you'd be in trouble??


Sorry, I'm kind of foggy today because of the thyroid cancer testing I'm going through today. And I'm super tried. I guess the doctor was just saying that if I avoid all the foods that I had positive results to, I could become more sensitive to all of them and become malnourished. Also he told me that just because you have a positive skin test it doesn't necessarily mean that you have trouble digesting it. Was he wrong to say that? I wouldn't be surprised.  :rolleyes:

In Topic: Does This Sound Like Dh?

04 June 2013 - 06:34 PM

Okay, wait. I just re-read Lisa's post & apparently she began the steroids after the biopsy. So, that takes us back to whether the biopsy was done correctly or not.


And I agree with IH in that you could be allergic to something ~~~ even something you were never allergic to in the past. We can develop allergies out of seemingly nowhere.


But I will also say again that trying the low iodine diet would be a pretty sure tale of if it is dh or not. The vast majority of us get flares with iodine but there have been a few who say iodine does not affect their dh.


Opps, sorry Squirming! I didn't have the steroids until after the biopsy. I just wanted to clear that up. I just typed that in wrong. I started to eat low iodine tonight, so we'll see if it helps. It's just so frustrating. :(

In Topic: Does This Sound Like Dh?

04 June 2013 - 06:27 PM

Hi Lisa!

long time no see! :)


I cannot add much to everything that Squirmy so eloquently said.....except this: you can be allergic to something  ...and it does not mean you are being glutened.


I get rashes on my face and scalp from high histamine foods, yet I have no "clinical" allergies(IgE mediated) nor do I have DH


Have you been to an allergist and shown her the rash? Have the skin prick testing done? 

Hi Irishheart!


So nice to hear from you! Sounds like you are feeling well! I'm so glad! Thanks for all the info Squirmy! That really blew my mind! I was thinking about gluten, too. I'm going to recheck everything. I know everything I'm eating is gluten free, but I also been there before where I was getting glutened by something that was supposed to be gluten-free. :( I swear the only time I have health problems is because I'm getting a small amount of gluten from something that's supposed to be gluten-free.


I haven't been to the allergy doctor, yet, for this but I've been to allergy doctors before and had skin tests done and had high positives with almost every food. The doctor told me if I started to avoid any of those foods I'd be in big trouble. But I know I get bloated with corn and soy so I avoid it a little, except for a few items like condiments. Do you think I should make an appointment with one and get tested for corn and soy?


I really haven't changed my foods much, except for my dish washing detregent. I'll call them tomorrow. It's just Casade. I do feel like I'm getting glutened now though. I'm starting to have that same stomach pain, but I don't get a sore throat anymore like I did when I first got diagnosed. My symptoms seem like they've changed a lot in the last four years. :( Guess I have to get to work and figure out what's going on.

In Topic: Food Allergy?

04 June 2013 - 02:35 PM

Here's the thing - even if you aren't getting any gluten, DH reacts to iodine. If those Frito's have iodized salt, that could be your answer. Have you been over to the DH section here? I think you should go look at some of the pictures folks have posted and compare your rash to those, then read as much info as you can. Ask lots of questions. Maybe it's NOT DH, but it can't hurt to educate yourself about it. And there are some WONDERFUL people here who can help you. :)


Thanks Bartful! I didn't know that iodine can cause DH. I eat a lot of chips and nuts almost everyday. You might be on to something. I'll be checking it out.  :)


Thanks again!