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Member Since 17 Nov 2004
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In Topic: How Reliable Are The Tests? Desperate!

12 January 2005 - 02:34 PM

Can't you be gluten intolerant and NOT have celiac disease? I thought I read that somewhere.

In Topic: Feels Like Ice Going Up Body

01 January 2005 - 05:25 PM

Well, she never mentioned having this before going gluten-free. Now it seems like it's been happening more frequently. I'll have to pay better attention to when it happens and if it is food related.

In Topic: Chocolate Advent Calendar

18 December 2004 - 09:36 PM

What brand is the advent calendar? I have one from Sherwood brands. I didn't see anything obvious on the ingredient list, but it did have flavors I think. I looked on the website, but no phone number and the email submission form didn't work (good grief!) I hadn't thought about this. Anyway, she's been sharing with two brothers, so she only gets one every two days, but I guess I should be safe and just have her do hershey's kisses too!

In Topic: What's Your Blood Type?

13 December 2004 - 04:16 PM

I did search before posting but nothing came up. But now I just searched again, and this thread didn't even come up. So either the site isn't working properly or I'm searching incorrectly. Sorry if the topic has already been discussed!

Still interesting, though so if you want to post your blood type, do!

In Topic: 8 Yo Refuses To Eat

12 December 2004 - 08:38 PM

Maybe it is just her body adjusting to the gluten-free diet. I know the poor thing is really messed up with all these things going on. She's been craving juice like crazy. She won't eat too many of the gluten-free things, and much what she does eat isn't too nutritious (like white tapioca bread). But of course this isn't too much of a change over before going gluten-free.

She's also developed some wierd behaviorial things. Ever since Kindergarten, she's gone through many periods of baby talk - I've noticed she does this when she feels somewhat insecure about things (or at least I think so.) She's been doing baby talk almost constantly (worse than ever) for about the last three weeks. (And although I try to be patient it's been driving me CRAZY!) Then in the last few months, she's been putting her hand in her mouth and picking at her teeth and gums with her fingernails. I tell her that she needs to stop that bad habit, that'll make her sick faster than anything with all those germs she's putting in her mouth. I know I'm not helping her break this habit like I should be either. It's just so hard with so many things going on! Got any tips on these ones?

I've wondered if she was hypoglecemic pre-gluten-free, since she would get very irritable if she hadn't eaten within three hours. Whenever she got seriously grumpy, I would make sure she ate and then try to deal with the problem. How do you test for that?

Now as for the Epstein-Barr Virus. I didn't know what symptoms this causes, but I found this information: "Many children become infected with EBV, and these infections usually cause no symptoms or are indistinguishable from the other mild, brief illnesses of childhood. When infection with EBV occurs during adolescence or young adulthood, it causes infectious mononucleosis 35% to 50% of the time."
So she could have EBV w/o having mono necessarily.

I also read this: "mono can be accompanied by a streptococcal infection of the throat." My daughter has huge tonsils and gets strep throat probably 2-3 times every winter.

Then I read this: "Epstein-Barr virus, frequently referred to as EBV, is a member of the herpesvirus family" and I found this VERY interesting. My daughter broke out in shingles twice this past summer, which is part of the herpesvirus family! So there is definitely something going on there.

So I guess I'll call my doctor tomorrow and request a mono-spot blood test and ask about hypoglecemia too. Do doctors get offended by me asking for stuff like this? I've never been one to go into the doctor and make suggestions. If she DOES have it, what is done for it? Since it's a virus, antibiotics won't be effective.

It's actually a very good thing I decided to homeschool before I knew anything about her health problems. (Been HS for 5 years, also have older 10 yo.) She would've missed a TON of public school, so it's nice that we can HS year round when she feels good and make up for all the lost sick time.

Thanks for your good ideas and encouragement and keep 'em coming. I need LOTS of them with this poor kid!

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