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Member Since 28 Sep 2009
Offline Last Active Apr 14 2010 08:48 AM

Topics I've Started

Snapeacrisps Original

02 April 2010 - 08:05 AM


I was wondering if anyone has had any issues eating SnapeaCrisps from CALBEE?

Never Ending Bloating -

29 March 2010 - 08:51 AM


I got officially diagnosed two weeks ago. Second Endo and all positive blood work. My mother has it as well.

I have been doing great on diet and have a lot of help from this site and of course my mother. I have gurgling noises and what seems to be stomach acid issues but never get heartburn ever. I was given Bentyl and only take one pill three times a day. This comes from months of taking pepermint, Ginger, etc with no help. Still, this is not working either, but it has only been two weeks. BUT I have been bloated for over a year and half. Now that I am officially diagnosed and on diet, will this ever go away? I have lost about 7lbs over last 6 months but belly looks like I am pregnant or have little bowling ball in stomach.( i am 6"3 190lbs . I was told I have lactose intolerence but drink milk and eat cheese in small doses and see feel no reactions. Also I have given up all Lactose containing products for a month at a time and still bloated. Everyone on here gets the Big D, tired constantly, and have muscle issues during recovery and prior to diagnoses. I will admit I am tired a lot but muscles are fine and all vitamin levels are fine.

Anyone with similar issues or advise with bloating. I have come so far with this but can't get this one thing fixed.

Sperm Count And Celiac

24 March 2010 - 05:20 AM


Newly officially diagnosed. My wife is very concerned that I may have low sperm count and I am wondering if damage from disease caused this and or will I have better count now that I am on the diet? Or it could be unrelated all together. Just wondering if their is a relationship between the celiac and sperm count. I appreciate feedback!

Blood Pos/neg, Do Endo Or Not Do Endo Advice

22 March 2010 - 06:57 AM


Lots of people here have helped me so I figured I would share my story. Please see my time line of events to see my struggle found on my profile.

Lots of people ask on this site, My blood was negative so I am fine right? or it was positive and I don't want to do endoscopy because I feel ok. DO NOT BELIEVE YOUR RESULTS THE FIRST TIME. TRY TRY AGAIN, I went through hell and had Celiac all along. My Gastro dr and Primary Care Dr almost had me diagnosed with OC and went through MEdication after medication for all the wrong reasons, All because blood work was negative and the one sample they took of biopsy seemed normal(should take min of 5 biopsy's). I finally got fed up and went to Lahey Clinic. Within one week I had a panel of blood work done above and beyond what was tested before. I had results next day, ALL Positive! Then scheduled Endo for very next week. I had extreme inflamation and most of the villi were folded down and all samples were positive.

Basically two points, Do not let blood work be your determining factor. And Do yourself a favor and see a specialist right away. you will only be hurting yourself dealing with someone who only knows a little.

Hope this helps and sorry to ramble. My experience was horrible and now have answers.

Dannon Light&fit Key Lime

18 March 2010 - 11:32 AM


I have read some threads that Dannon will not say yes or no about if it contains gluten. It says it has Modified Food starch and I get a stomach ache and bloated when I eat banana and key lime. I thought it was because of the lactose because I have LI, that but I can tolerate huge glasses of milk and ice cream and not get upset stomach or bloating. Please help if anyone has any ideas.

Finally diagnosed on Wednesday after a year and a half of hel. Positive blood and positive biopsy's and my mother has it. Trying to start right and never thought yogurt would screw things up.

Thank you

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