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Member Since 13 Oct 2009
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If You Follow The Gluten-free Diet Why Is It Important To Get Tested?

22 December 2009 - 06:55 AM

Please forgive me if I sound naive but I have been following the diet and I do feel better. I will eat something I am not supposed to and become very sick. Then I get back on the diet and I am better.
I never intentionally take myself off the diet.

What can a doctor do for a celiac? What do the tests consist of? Can a doctor possibly make us feel better or are they just there to diagnose & hold our hand and send us home? I have serious food allergies and I also strongly believe I am a celiac w/ several food diaries to back-up this belief. I believe my son is a celic from all the symptoms he's showing.

I have been misdiagnosed by many doctors. Looking back I remember one doctor told me to take the medicine and eat a stack of pancakes every morning. I did and I was sick...very sick. I told her that I stopped taking the medicine because I was throwing up. She told me I did not eat enough pancakes and the doctor degraded, insulted me, told me I was stupid and would have to begin the medicine all over again.

Am I doing myself and my son a great injustice by not going to the doctor? Or am I saving him from the abuse of a "Practicing" doctor.

As far as I know I have two options.
1. Find an allergy specialist that deals w/ celiac patients
2. Find a gastointestinal specialist

What else is there?

I just don't want a doctor to give my son or I medicine that's going to destroy our organs and make us sick for a very long time. My father was undiagnosed and he died from pancreatic cancer. Looking back on his diet and his symptoms he had to of been a celiac. Believe me I have done a lot of research as well as disciphering my families medical history. At this point I am totally lost because I do not know what the next step should be.

Blue Eyed Vegan

High Metabolism/changes In Body Temperature/not High Fever

21 December 2009 - 08:30 AM

When I was 18 to 35 years of age I consistently had a very high metabolism and changes of body temperature but it was not a fever. When I go to sleep at night my body becomes a furnace. From 35 to 41 I began developing serious food allergies. My son has sweaty palms and gets red splotches on his face and body and he has had these splotches come out on his skin since he was about 12 years old and he's going on 22 years old now. He is beginning to develope an allergy to metals. Like his watch, eyeglasses etc. Has anyone heard of this being a sign/symptom of celiac disease? I have tried researching sweaty palms and have not been successful at finding an answer.

Thank you for your help.
Blue Eyed Vegan

Can Shingles Be A Symptom Of Celiac Disease?

13 October 2009 - 06:12 PM

I have not been diagnosed w/ Celiac disease at this time.

I began getting blisters when I was twenty-five years old and they continued for 16 years. I thought it was because I contracted chicken pox when my son was around 8 years old. I thought the blisters were shingles. They began on my leg just a single blister that was blood red. Then they moved to to the inside of my right elbow. The blisters were a cluster of blisters that grew on top of one another until it became on solid blister the size of a quarter I would have to wait until the blister became this size to release the fluid from it. It became red and inflammed around the blister w/ red lines that spreading out from the blister (almost like a spider bite). Eventually the blisters would travel along different sites on the right side of my body. Always with excruciating sharp pains in the elbow and shooting down the arm.

The more I read about celiac disease I wonder if this was the result of gluten in my diet. This year the blisters have stopped and have not returned. My diet consists of vegetables and fruit without gluten in my diet. I am very allergic to soy. If I eat the smallest amount of soy I have night sweats and inflammation throughout my body. On a vegan diet I am losing weight, the inflammation in my intestines are going away

Has anyone experienced the blisters I have discribed above? If so, I know I am on the right track.

Thank you for your help.
Blue Eyed Vegan

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