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Member Since 25 Oct 2009
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In Topic: How Big Is This Iceberg ?

30 November 2009 - 01:23 PM

It's called an iceberg because no-one knows how many undiagnosed Celiacs there are.

Celiacs is on the rise because as more people become aware of it, more people are getting themselves tested for it, because the symptoms of Celiac Disease hits a chord with them.

1% of over 308,000,000 people is still a lot of people (in the US alone).

When I was first diagnosed with celiac disease (9 years ago) , 1 in 250 people had celiac disease where I lived. That is now down to 1 in 130 people and in the specific area I live it's actually 1 in 100 people, and that is because the local teaching Hospital has taken and interest in Celiacs Disease and are carrying out some major and interesting studies (this in a total population of 4,000,000).

Both my children have had negative blood studies and although I have told them that there a false negatives because they are now both adults both are refusing to get retested, both have problems when eating certain foods but just chose to ignore the fact that they could have celiac disease. One is overweight and the other skinny deathly pale and has many other allergy related problems, both are short in stature as I am. But what can you do...

In Topic: Alert Announcing Undeclared Wheat In Elf Branded Herring In Sour Cream

26 November 2009 - 08:26 PM

They must be going for the 2009 "Betcha thought you'd never get glutened from THIS Award."

:D that sounds like a good subject for a new thread!

In Topic: Irritated

25 November 2009 - 11:09 PM

I find it fascinating how many new people come to this website, post something negative in tone, get a negative backlash (this particular one was admittedly over the top), and then complain about being made to feel unwelcome. I feel a need to frequent more message boards to see if this is a Celiac board thing or an internet thing.....

That might be because Newbys feel overwhelmed by what's going on in their lives.... I wasn't daunted when DX 9 years ago just relieved that i had an answer for 38 years of ill health. i wasn't angry and cry why me, even now people still think I'm missing out but I never have because i would rather not go back to the poor wretched creature I was, and if all it takes is a change in eating habits then so be it.... But people do need to vent their frustrations once in a while and where better to do it than a forum where we've all been there and done that and wear the T-shirt rather proudly (from CafePress) :lol:

In Topic: Irritated

25 November 2009 - 03:04 PM

Why would I make a terrible spouse? Is it because we've removed the products containing gluten from our house? Is it because I do the legwork to find restaurants that she can eat at? Or, maybe, it's because I spent the time composing a large email with links to inform her and my family of the situation.

What shortcomings do I have? I said I was initially resistant, but quickly realized the benefit. I don't have any anger over the situation we are in. It isn't ideal, but that's life.

I guess it's unfortunate you all have such crappy friends and family, but don't go telling me I'm going to make a terrible husband.

This site seems to be helpful for a lot of people, but you have done an excellent job of making me feel unwelcome. Thank you for that.

I either just eat salad bring a gluten-free plate that everyone including myself can eat, or just bring my own to eat seperately. All i need to know first is wether i can eat somewhere or not. It's not a big deal and the people who usually have problems with it are the people either newly diagnosed where it seems overwhelming, or where it's their nature to be just plain plain pig headed. If I'm somewhere where someone is smoking I move away, but in my home they would be asked to go outside to smoke as i am a non-smoker. Boss in my domain but no-where else! Try not be offended by what others write we're all individuals and as such can have our own opinions. Don't be put off, this is a good site and you will get lots of good information and support here... Unless I'm having a bad day :o

In Topic: White Moons On Nails

25 November 2009 - 01:43 PM

I have splits from the nail tip to the bed of the nail and then the ridges.

I don't recall anything like that but my nails go from bendy soft, to brittle hard where they split across the nail but never vertically. Do you ever get infections under your nails? I'm curious now, i know we are all individuals and everyone reacts differently but the more i read the more i find out that what I thought was normal, because I've had it all my life, is in fact not how it's supposed to be... I've never tested further for anything else as I always imagined that once i was diagnosed it would all be better. I expect I need to rethink this as i had to have a hysterectomy this year due to constant low iron and haemoglobin levels. I haven't tested my levels since as the Dr reckons 12 months to 2 years to get back to normal levels. Now I'm wondering if that was wrong and that I should in fact not wait and see at all.. oh well just ruminating things over in my mind now...

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