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In Topic: gluten-free Beer- Puzzled

01 February 2011 - 02:21 PM

Well, they deglutenize it down to 6 ppm (way lower than the EU standards for gluten free) but I imagine other fragments of barley other than the gluten might affect someone allergic to barley.

I tried it last week and was so excited. No problem whatsoever (and I get a little bloated from sorghum beer- I think I have a bit of a sorghum intolerance because it happens from every brand). If I accidentally have wheat I'm in excruciating pain in the fetal position and 6 parts per million didn't affect me that way at all, FWIW. YMMV and all that. :D

In Topic: Article In Redbook

01 February 2011 - 02:12 PM

Just wanted to add that my mom dropped by this article last weekend. She found it in a magazine at the hair salon. It *really* irks me. There was a whole "myths about allergies" in there too that trivialized food intolerances just because they weren't anaphalactic or something.

It particularly irks me that my mom gave me the annoying article too! Yay for mainstream media. Not!

In Topic: Anxiety Relief From Going Gluten Free?

13 January 2011 - 03:11 PM

Wow, that is so interesting! I just joined this group because I wanted to search for things I could relate to my son's behavior. He is 7 years old and has always had BM issues. A friend mentioned the gluten-free diet to help his constipation and within a week he was regular! That was October of 2009 and we were strictly on the gluten-free diet for a year. Over the summer, we tried to ease a few things back into the diet just to see if it affected him. He would go days without a BM and get very agitated and unruly. So we would get back on the diet. But today it hit me that when he is off of his gluten-free diet even slightly, he wets the bed, has bad dreams, acts out by raging and throwing things which are NOT even close to his "normal" calm little self.

Glad to find this group!

FYI, my son wet the bed each time he has gluten, although he tested negative via blood tests and my daughter and I were positive though Enterolab. I think it's time to be even stricter with my son's diet. I thought it might be related to the gluten somehow. thanks. My daughter's constipation is GONE now with a gluten and cow dairy free diet.

In Topic: Dealing With Rude Family Members

13 January 2011 - 03:07 PM

If your relatives admit that you have celiac. They have to consider that they may also have it. If you're wrong then they are safe and can keep eating junk.

yes, yes, yes! They feel threatened. Their problem, not yours... :)

In Topic: People Not Taking You Seriously

13 January 2011 - 03:03 PM

I am wondering do you live with your father? Does he at least acknowledge there is a dietary issue causing you discomfort? My husband doesn't really care. In fact he just recently purchased three diff brands of gluteny cookies, muffins, bagels, breads, cereals, croutons, bread sticks, pretzels and crackers. I have since gathered them up in a BIG basket and stored them in his work room. Fine. He can have them....just not in the kitchen.

I find myself rising earlier than my daughter to clean kitchen counters, cabinets, handles, light switches, floors, etc for the kitchen is usually contaminated. I have gone gluten free along with her. It just makes sense. I don't know if her father is suffering from some other issue for this behavior of his borders on cruelty toward his own daughter.

My focus is her safety and her health right now - not his over consumption of gluten/wheat products which arent doing him any GOOD.

Is there contamination issues with you and your family? Thank you.

Oh BeeFree, I just saw this. I had to go gluten free 100% a year ago after positive results, and my daughter a month ago after *her* positive results. At first my husband didn't take me seriously but he's getting better educated and keeping junk out of the kitchen now that it's my daughter too. However, for the past year, especially before my daughter's tests, he bought a multipack of whole wheat pasta! from Costco, giant boxes of Triscuits and most recently a giant box of wheat thins. Are there no gluten free snacks? The most annoying was Costco sized Shredded Wheat. Talk about crumbs. I got really pissed I must say and forbid him from making bread in the breadmaker with flour or cooking pasta in my pots. He has a dedicated wheat pan, but has decided it's mostly too much work and eats gluten free at home. He *has* to have his bags of supermarket bagels in the car for the ride to work though. I think he's kinda addicted to wheat because it's either wheat snacks or beer. Grr...

I think you need to take charge of your kitchen! Give them a pan or two and cook gluten free for them. Let them have a gluten snack in their backpack or work bag if they must. Forbid flour or crumbs at the table. They can eat it when they're at work/school if it's so darn important! Try showing them studies about antibodies not going down from cross contamination and how continued exposure increases risk of lymphomas and other cancers. Hang in there!

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