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Using FMLA At Work

02 December 2010 - 05:55 PM

Just wondering if any of you have used FMLA at work to cover appointments and sick days.

From this website: http://www.dol.gov/w...nce/whdfs28.htm

This is the section that seems to be most applicable.

“Serious health condition” means an illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition that involves either:

* Inpatient care (i.e., an overnight stay) in a hospital, hospice, or residential medical-care facility, including any period of incapacity (i.e., inability to work, attend school, or perform other regular daily activities) or subsequent treatment in connection with such inpatient care; or

* Continuing treatment by a health care provider, which includes:

(3) Any period of incapacity or treatment for a chronic serious health condition which continues over an extended period of time, requires periodic visits (at least twice a year) to a health care provider, and may involve occasional episodes of incapacity. A visit to a health care provider is not necessary for each absence;

I have had quite a few doc appointments, medical appointments and sick days this past year due to the GI issues (gluten-intolerance, SIBO, colitis) and sometimes these problems cause issues with my RA.

My new manager is giving me a very hard time and says I've been taking too much time off. I have been very open and honest about my sick days so I was surprised to here this reaction. I have averaged 2 sick days month, which includes the appointments. There are many days when I go to work sick because I don't want to take the time off. My company has a unlimited sick day policy as long as we don't abuse it. My previous manager was very understanding and accommodating. My new boss is not. I'm a full time salaried employee. I've been at this company over a year and I have a senior position with 14 years of experience in the field. I've gotten good reviews and raises. My work is done on time and done well. I have a really good reputation and working relationship with my colleagues.

I explained my situation to my doctor who suggested using FMLA. There is the ability to use it intermittently for as little as an hour up to several hours or a day. This would cover my appointments and days I'm not well.

I contacted HR to let them know I'd like to proceed with this. My boss is such an unreasonable person (too many reasons to list here) that I worry she will use my health issues/disability to punish me or even fire me. I'd really like to cover my ass.

Very interested to hearing if any of you had used this or even how you've dealt with difficult managers.

I Think I'm Having A Dh Outbreak But Not Sure

12 November 2010 - 09:36 AM

All my life I have been itchy. I've had shingles, chicken pox, hives, KP (self diagnosed) and exczema (self diagnosed). I always seem to have what I think are bug bites, even in the middle of winter.

I firmly believe that one or more of my shingle outbreaks was DH as it was right in the crack of my bottom. I had gone to the doc who said he wasn't sure it was shingles as he had never seen it there but didn't know what else it was so he said it was shingles. That was a good 15+ years ago. He wasn't a dermatologist.

Recently had an endoscopy. The doc was not looking specifically for celiac but was adding that to her check list. Results came back negative. It's also important to note that I've been gluten free for 15 months at this point. Previous blood work also came back negative for celiac. My Enterolab stool test shows positive for gluten intolerance. For me the proof is in the diet so I stick to it.

However, yesterday feeling a bit brave thinking, ok, it's not celiac so a minor cheat won't hurt now and then. In 15 months this is only my second deliberate cheat. I had a crispy spring roll.

This morning I noticed my palm was crazy itchy. Crazy itchy. I scratched and scratched and noticed a tiny bump form. It was red. I went about getting ready for work and tried to ignore it. I got in the car (in the sunlight) and looked at my palm. There was a tiny blister. It was skin colored and filled with a liquid that was just slightly yellow but clear. I really had to look close, it was so small. I tried to squeeze it (yes, gross, sorry) and it didn't yield. It was still itchy. I was able to break it with my fingernail. It itches less but there's a red spot there, almost indistinguishable. I took a picture. The quality isn't great as I took it from my phone.

Posted Image

What I'm wondering is, can a single small postule qualify as a DH rash? Can an outbreak be that small and specific? Then later at work my knee started to itch like crazy. I scratched and the area was red. Another small bump formed but since the skin on my knees are darker it was hard to see if this was also a tiny blister. I'm also having a bit of D today.

I just read about the iodine test. I'll do that tonight. Would that be soon enough? Or too late?

I don't have a dermatologist so I'd never get in to see one in time to have a test taken.

Celiac, Not Celiac, Celiac, Not Celiac

11 June 2010 - 12:57 PM

So frustrated and my spirit is a bit broken. I just need to vent.

Since my Prometheus results came back negative for the celiac gene (they only test for 2, 8) my doc has decided I likely don't have celiac. I told her when I saw her the first time that my genes were negative (Enterolab 4, 5) and she said it didn't matter, she felt I was celiac. So now she says it's probably non-celiac gluten intolerance. I'm in the camp that believes they're the same thing so it doesn't matter to me, I'll remain gluten free. However she suspects I may have a fructose intolerance and/or bacterial overgrowth. I'm also going for food allergy testing. The dreaded skin testing which I've had done numerous times before and always comes back negative. I asked if they did the blood IgE testing which is supposed to be more accurate than the skin pricks and the person setting up the appointment wasn't familiar with it. <_<

All these appointments take up so much time. I've had 4 in June and I have another 5 in July. I hate having to use up my vacation time going to the doc and/or going for tests. The tests for fructose intolerance and bacterial overgrowth can't be done on the same day and they take 2-3 hours each. Have any of you done this?

I hold no hope the allergist will be useful. I've seen allergists off and on my whole life and they have never been remotely useful. The skin test is a waste of time. When I saw an allergist 5 years ago and mentioned I was having all these issues and was sure it was food related they weren't helpful at all, they were so focused on things like pollen. (I do have seasonal allergies) But they never relayed any information on how this could be connected to food allergies or gi distress.

I have since read info about a connection between soy and birch allergy/intolerances, cross-reaction allergy and oral-allergy syndrome which may provide some info as to why I'm not getting better but I'm not hopeful. Sadly, I often seem to be more up to date on these things than the doctors I'm looking to for help. I feel like I will be left to figure this all out on my own.... yet again.

Like, did you know there's a B12 gum and a liquid calcium/magnesium supplement? My doc had no idea. I went searching for vitamins that I could easily swallow or grab on the go. Calcium pills are ridiculously huge and hard to swallow so I found a liquid. B12 (the kind that dissolves) often contains lactose so I found a gum I can chew that is gluten/soy/dairy free which also freshens! My doc didn't even remember I'm dairy intolerant. :(

I'm so frustrated. Thanks for reading.

Ige The Next Step?

23 May 2010 - 06:57 AM

Hi all,

Still awaiting info on my thyroid and lupus test results but I'm betting I'm having some additional food intolerances and/or allergies. I suspect cocoa butter, coffee and tapioca.

Bone density results came back and it shows early signs of osteopenia :(

I want to get the most nutrients and vitamins out of my foods as possible and eliminate any culprits that may be hindering this absorption.

Is the next step IgE testing, and if so who does this testing? which doctor? It'd be great if I could get insurance to cover it. I paid for my own enterolab testing because I was fed up but now that I have a celiac diagnosis and reason to believe more foods are bothering me I would rather not pay out of pocket going forward.

Any other ideas besides IgE? I'm open.

Cheers! :)

Glutened: Numb Hands

16 May 2010 - 08:43 AM

Got glutened at dinner last night and it was my own dumb fault. Had some pickles from a farm stand that did not have ingredients on them. I just assumed they'd be ok. (why did I assume that, I have no idea!)

The good news is that the GI issues came rather quickly and finished rather quickly. I then spent the night on the couch wiped out and drinking tea and popping pepcid ac.

I noticed when I woke up today my hands were a numb, like they had fallen asleep. They're better now but there's a slight pins and needles feeling.

I have had this numb hands feeling before but always attributed it to disk surgery I had years ago, and that perhaps I slept wrong. Numbs hands were a constant thing I dealt with each morning. Thinking back I realize I have only had this hand numbing a couple of times since going gluten-free. I just now realized there might be a connection so I don't know if they happened concurrently. It's something I'll track going forward.

I also realized that since going gluten-free I no longer have this numb spot on my face. Again it was pretty consistent before going gluten-free and I had always attributed it to the disc surgery. The spot is between the corner of my mouth and my nose, along that natural fold just under the apple of my cheek. In fact it's slightly pins and needly today.

Do any of you experience this too?

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