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In Topic: A Note To My Non-Celiac Dad

09 April 2010 - 02:59 PM

yes that's fine to copy it!
i think the IgG panel tests are ok to give you a guideline, but honestly i didn't know what all i react to until i started the specific carb diet and tried things one at a time. :)

In Topic: A Posssible Theory On Zonulin?

22 February 2010 - 10:43 AM

yes i agree, everyone should eat less wheat than the S.A.D. usually includes. ESPECIALLY people who have a person with celiac in their family, which means they prob have higher levels on zonulin too!!

In Topic: Humming In Ears And Then Charlie Horses At Night

21 February 2010 - 10:45 AM

i agree with riceguy about supplementation during healing!
also here's an article about some symptoms that might be related to a yeast overgrowth, seems somewhat common with celiacs


In Topic: Enterolab Results

14 February 2010 - 02:39 PM

hi :)
1. you are definitely reacting to transglutaminase, so that is a big marker for celiac as i understand it. however the "gold standard" in the medical world for diagnosing celiac is a small intestine biopsy. i think that's crap and never got it done, i just went by my enterolab results and the million other clues that i was celiac. so yes i say i officially have celiac, and that is because i know i do, not because some biopsy confirmed it or not. :)

2. some people's food intolerances do go away and some dont. i dont know the real statistics, but it seems like things like corn and soy dont go away AS OFTEN (my personal theory is because they're GMO, terrible for certain people's metabolisms, and soy contains mycotoxins that are only rendered harmless with proper soaking and preparation/fermenting - which the soy industry in this country definitely doesn't do! but i've heard of people being able to introduce limited amounts of egg back in after months without it. be careful though. some people go on a rotation diet to keep the immune system from freaking out. personally, i think you should read about leaky gut and the candida connection. bee's Healing Naturally website has a lot to say about candida... there's gotta be a reason our bodies started reacting to foods!

3. no i could just tell i was absorbing better after 3-4 months, but it takes time. try to eat healthy and rest. drink a lot of fluids like home-made electrolyte drinks, broths, pure water...

4. it helped me to keep a food diary and do a food rotation, also taking my pulse before and after eating "suspect" foods. i would maybe give it a few months on a healthy, antigen-free diet and then if you have a gut feeling there's something else, remove and challenge it after that... but yeah take it easy on the nightshades as some people say the nightshade intolerance is common in people who had them in abundance.

5. i'm on a list serve for the Pecan Bread site and a lot of the people who write in know a ton about food intolerances. it's taught me a lot. they're all on a special diet but i bet you could just go sign up to be on their mailing list if you wanted...

In Topic: A Note To My Non-Celiac Dad

10 February 2010 - 05:33 PM

you guys are awesome
thanks i needed to hear that.

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