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In Topic: Boars Head

10 December 2009 - 09:17 AM

Funny, I trust the word of the people posting here more than a nutritionist with a company (who is their meal ticket). Unless they are gluten free they really might not really know. As a nurse I've talked to nutritionists who didn't have a clue.

Within the last two years, my dd had an appointment with a nutritionist at Mayo Clinic in the cardiac department. I'm thinking she will be fine, it's the Mayo Clinic, surely she will know how to eliminate the gluten from her recommendations. Nope, the nutritionist said she really didn't know much about gluten free diets. She did know it was complicated.

Big hospital in Eau Claire (ok, not big compared to somewhere like Baltimore but big for our area) couldn't even figure out what a gluten free diet was for my dd during her stay. I'm checked into a little 10 bed hospital in the area and they even had gluten free bread on my tray!

So it really doesn't matter who they are or how much education they have had, if they have no experience with a gluten free diet they might be clueless.

Thank you people for all your postings and thoughts here on this board!

Thank You And all of the others that have replied to this.
Boars Head is new to our local store.
EVERYTHING Boars Head has offered in the meat and deli section is labeled as Gluten Free.
So far I have only seen the condiments not labeled Gluten Free.

The nutritionist at my local Health food store made a terrible mistake and offered me and other celaics a new product. we all got sick because there was Oats in it.
My fault was I did not double check the label before I tried it.

Back in the day there was no internet to access info.
And meet other People with celiac disease.
Showing my age here lol But the Doctors did not have a name or know what the rash was for HD. They called it jungle rot.
I want to try the BH condiments only after some one else tries it first.

Thanks again Everyone bonn

In Topic: Boars Head

09 December 2009 - 11:26 AM

Thank You for your input I have been gluten with HD Since I was a child.
Some gluten free foods bother me.
I do try a lot of what you are saying.
But I can handle the gluten injestion and get over it in what ever time it takes.
But no way do I want the blister again in my life I lost 90% of my skin once.
It was no picnic.

I have the right to question what is in the words Natural.

Maybe it is the old way but it is a safe way.

Thank you for your input.
Please understand
Trust in a non celaic is hard.
They do not know everything.

I also tested possitive to have an allergy to wheat.

One can not blame me to want to do more research on something new.
Before putting it in my mouth.


In Topic: Boars Head

09 December 2009 - 11:17 AM

As the woman told you, Boar's Head condiments are gluten-free, as are all their meats. Is there a reason you don't believe her?

Virtually everything that has natural flavors in the U.S. is gluten-free. If wheat were in it it would have to be clearly listed, and just about all the time that barley is there you'll see something mentioning malt or malt flavoring. I'm not saying that natural flavors NEVER hide gluten, but it is extremely, extremely rare. If you avoid all natural flavors, you are missing out on a TON of things that you can eat.

As for extracts and caramel coloring, in the U.S. those are perfectly safe. The woman you talked to is right.

I don't know how long you've been gluten-free, but it sounds like you're operating on advice from many years ago. Our knowledge about what is and isn't safe has come a long way in the past several years. And the requirement to list wheat has made things much, much easier.


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