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Question About An Mri

22 February 2012 - 06:15 AM

Yesterday I had a brain MRI due to continuing problems with parathesia, peripherial neuropathy, and extreme fatigue. These problems did start before diagnoses when I was deficient in B12. I have supplimented and my levels are now normal but not so high that too much B12 could be an issue. Could these problems be long-term damage from the deficiency and if so will that show on the MRI? I have also been diagnosed with recurrent/chronic mono and have had several attacks of shingles both of which I believe can affect nerves.

My neurologists does not think the issue is MS as the pattern of the symptoms is off but he ordered the MRI just to be certain. He also doesn't think it could be shingles because he says the nerve damage should be contained to the area of the attack.

So basically I'm just wondering what types of issues the MRI can show. Will it be helpful in showing long term damage from vitamin deficiency or can it only be used to rule out MS?

I am having another test next week but it is mainly checking for carpal tunnel.

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