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In Topic: Unconfirmed Celiac Seeking Advice :-)

21 January 2004 - 09:04 AM


You explained in your earlier post that you have received confirmation that you are gluten sensitive through a stool test, as opposed to biopsy. I tested positive for both IgG and IgA but negative for the ttG. I assume (and from doing my own research) that this suggests that I am gluten sensitive. I am just wondering if such positive results definitively point to gluten sensitivity. Can anyone tell me if positive results on the IgA and IgG can reflect something other than gluten sensitivity? I am on the verge of starting a gluten-free diet -- my doctor is of little help. My big question right now is whether to start the diet or pursue further testing. I know the options are biopsy (my doctor is resistant since ttG was negative) and stool test (if my blood tests already tell me I'm gluten sensitive then this seems unnecessary). Any thoughts???

Thanks so much! :)

In Topic: Test Results?

12 January 2004 - 11:10 AM

Thank you for your advice. I actually have the test results in my hand right now. The 2 tests showing weak positive results are the Antigliadin IgA and the Antigliadin IgG. It the tTG that reflects negative results.

After reading the responses that I have received from this message board and conducting my own research, I plan to stop taking the Irritable Bowel Medication this week and begin a gluten-free diet this weekend. I may also take advantage of the more specific test (enterolab). Like many other people on these message boards I tend to be prone to mouth sores as well. Also I notice that sometimes I develop a minor allergic reactions to certain types of beer. Could this be due to Gluten Sensitivuty/celiac disease?

Now I am on a quest to find out what food and drink are gluten-free. Any suggestions of where I can find detailed lists on the internet would be greatly appreciated! Again thanks for the quick responses :)

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