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Member Since 22 Nov 2009
Offline Last Active Dec 03 2011 06:39 PM

Topics I've Started

How Many Courses Of Antibiotics Have You Taken In Your Life?

03 December 2011 - 06:42 PM

How many courses of antibiotics have you taken in your life?

My theory is that a lot of Celiacs have had several, possibly higher than the average population.

Fecal / Stool Transplant For Celiac Disease

03 December 2011 - 06:34 PM

Has anyone out there gone through with a Fecal / Stool Transplant that has Celiac disease? If so, what were the outcomes?

I think it would be a great way to replace the good bacteria I have lost from countless rounds of antibiotics in my life. I think it could help with inflammation, food digestion, proper stool function, and possibly even improve mood, etc


You can google and read countless stories of those "out there" who have gone through this process and restored their digestive health...

Left Upper Quadrant Pain, Pain When Eating - On Gluten-Free Diet For 2 Years

23 April 2011 - 11:41 AM

My Celiac Diagnosis:
- Diagnosed with Celiac Disease by an off-the charts tTg (Tissue transglutaminase) test, inflammation in my duodenum, and a small intestinal biopsy.
- Symptoms were primarily neurological (tingling & numbness in my toes, fingers, head, paresthesia in my face).
- Also had upper left quadrant pain - however my GI doc said that it was from an injury and not related to the Celaic diagnosis.
- Immediately started a strict gluten-free diet. I have been very strict on the diet; rarely dine out - very careful about cross contamination. I rarely eat any packaged foods. My neurological symptoms improved, however the pain did not improve.
- Just had my blood tests drawn and for the first time my tTg is negative. My neurological symptoms are gone for the most part, however I still have pain.

My pain seems to be worsened by the following
- eating anything oily/greasy/fatty - even a little bit of olive oil
- fruit, especially on an empty stomach
- sometimes just "eating" in general (no known component of a meal that makes it worse)
- driving & sitting for long periods of time
- bowel movement (or maybe just being in the position to having a bowel movement)

Other symptoms:
- Left side feels inflamed & tender - it is hard for me to lay on my left side at night as I feel a dull ache all over that side when I do.
- Beau's lines in my thumbnails - very big horizontal bumps all the way down the nail - from top to bottom.
- Stool is often light brown, not totally pale but not dark brown either like I would "expect". Often there are a lot of gas bubbles floating out of the stool, though the stool in general sinks.
- Back pain in my middle back, and sometimes all over my back. there are painful "points" along my spine. Not sure if the back pain is related at all to the left upper quadrant pain, but since it is in the same general area, it seems like it could be referred pain.

- It does not seem to be reflux/GERD, because it does not get worse when I lie down and I don't feel "heartburn" like symptoms.
- I (and my doctor) are at a loss as to the true cause of the pain (the doctor has switched back and forth from a musculoskeletal cause to a visceral cause)
- I also avoid eating: raw nightshade vegetables (cooked seems to be OK), red pepper, yeast, dairy, peanuts

Any ideas as to what could be the issue? I appreciate any help........

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