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In Topic: Intersticial Cystitis Flare

29 January 2007 - 12:29 PM

My wife was diagnosed with IC about six years ago (hers was confirmed through a cysto-scope done in the hospital, the urologist rated her a 7 out of 10 for the damage inside). There is more to the IC diet than just citrus. Also, no alcohol, no chocolate, no caffeine, no fresh tomatoes, no acidic fruits and vegetables (think: pears are mild therefore good, hot peppers are spicey and are bad), no soda, no artificial sweeteners.

Make sure to drink enough water, without throwing your bladder into a fit. This is so important it can not be stressed enough. When I first met my wife she was only drinking coffee and diet sodas. She laughed at me when I pleaded with her to drink more water everyday. (She apologized when the doctor agreed).

My wife was given weekly instillations of TICE BCG, which is a liquid form of partially denatured tuberculosis bacteria, into her bladder for 8 weeks. It reacted with her bladder lining and sloughed off a layer of skin, forcing the bladder to regrow the surface lining. It took about a year before my wife was out of the dangerous waters of constant flares, not sleeping, peeing 25 times a day. But now she is near normal and in fact probably pees less often than some so-called "healthy" people. She still follows the IC diet but can have occasional cheat days (her favorite thing in the world is coffee, so this usually her choice) but she makes sure to stay away from spicey foods or she will have problems at night laying down prone.

One other thing that helps is PRELIEF brand acid controller you take over the counter with your meal. It isn't made for IC treatment but helps to nuetralize your food a little, which eases the acidity of the urine as it comes through.

There is another over-the-counter medication which has the active ingredient Phenazopyridine, which goes by several different common names including Azo-Standard and Uristat. These can be found in the big chain pharmacies like CVS and also most supermarkets. It gently numbs the bladder, providing some relief to the extreme pain IC patients can feel during a flare. Always keep some with you. It's like an aspirin for a headache.

The cause is unknown although in my wife's case we believe it was related to the many fertility tests she went through years earlier with her first husband during which all sorts of chemicals and dyes passed through her system. I personally belief, as celiac who is somewhat diet obsessed, that diet is a huge part of this too. Her diet was fast food, coffee, and artificially sweetened sodas, and chocolate bars every night as a snack. Now she eats completely different and everything about her health, from her cholesterol to her energy levels, even her weight, has changed. It's crucial to treat your body well, especially if it is suffering.

Hope this helps.

In Topic: Morning Sickness All My Life

04 October 2006 - 09:54 AM

I know if I don't eat SOMETHING I'll be worse off very soon after leaving the house, and although I have checked my blood sugar for a period of a year to see if this was the culprit, it wasn't. My sugar numbers are perfect. But it FEELS like my blood sugar is off if I don't eat. My choice then becomes: eat and feel nauseous, or don't eat and feel like fainting.

Ursala's "night owl" theory makes a lot of sense. I'm wide awake and full of energy at 11:00 pm, when I should be hitting the sack. Less than 8-9 hours of sleep for me worsens the symptoms dramatically, but falling asleep before 11:00 pm just doesn't happen easily. I find that eating something within an hour of bedtime helps me to fall asleep - maybe this is having a detrimental effect overnight.

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