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Why Does My Tongue Sizzle From Dairy?

29 January 2007 - 12:34 PM

I've noticed over the last few years as my celiac disease progressed to the point of being diagnosed from the increasing symptoms, I've had more and more problems with dairy. The most obvious symptom is a stomach ache, and often loose BM's, but now my tongue actually feels like it is sizzling, or mildly burning, when I eat it. Milk and ice cream are more noticeable, but hard cheeses can cause this too. What is happening in physiological terms?

Morning Sickness All My Life

04 October 2006 - 07:13 AM

I've been subject to morning sickness all my life. As a child I would frequently throw up before going to school, which my parents thought was just me being a little "nervous" about going. It was never considered that I was reacting to the bowl of cereal and milk I ate because I was celiac! Anyway, fast forward twenty-some years and I finally get the diagnosis last year. Since going gluten-free (and enduring a terrible DH rash for several months as a result) I now have healthy BM's and my energy level is much improved. I'm still working on what foods bother me along with the gluten items, but one thing that is still puzzling is why I wake up nauseous each and every morning. I would have thought that after discovering I was celiac and I got on the gluten-free diet this would have resolved itself, but it hasn't. It makes for some very difficult breakfasts as I prepare for work - most days I leave the house on the edge of throwing up and to sit through early meetings is absolutely unbearable.

I have tried all different types of meals, from simple fruit which only lasts about twenty minutes before I'm starving, to eggs which usually make me dizzy, to leftover chicken and vegetables, different types of gluten-free breakfast cereals with and without milk. It doesn't seem to be as much about the type of food I'm eating as the time I'm eating it. On the weekends I usually will just drink water until lunchtime if possible. By lunch I'm usually fine and in fact I can eat all sorts of foods later in the day without any reaction that would otherwise nail me at breakfast. Any idea what this might be about? Or what to do about it?

Looking For A Real Good gluten-free Pound Cake Recipe

02 February 2006 - 01:13 PM

I crave just about all the gluten foods I can't have (naturally) but I'm especially haunted by my favorite desert - a buttery smooth slice of pound cake. Can anyone supply a real good pound cake recipe using a gluten-free flour mix I can try? It just has to be gluten-free - I can have dairy, yeast, etc.

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