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Severe Muscle Weakness. Unknown Cause.

01 January 2010 - 04:28 PM

Hoping someone out there may have experienced similar things and can point me in the right direction. I was diagnosed with Celiac back in July 2009. I had very bad blunted villi. Started losing weight(8-10%) after going gluten free and after a few months my weight stabilized and more recently has begun creeping upward. Repeat biopsy taken 1 month ago showed almost normal villi. I appear to have resolved the Celiac issues through a very very strict adherance to the gluten free diet although some foods still cause excess gas.

Where the problem comes in: Going gluten free appears to have kicked off problems with minor numbness/tingling in the extremeties and very bad muscle weakness in the arms & legs. The muscle weakness has been getting progressively worse for months and is reaching terrible levels. Simple things now stress out my muscles and my muscles now are sore from such simple things as washing a few pots and pans or basic cleaning up around the house. My muscles are starting to feel sore all the time no matter how much I rest. I've had my ferritin levels checked, vit D, vit b-12... all these are fine. The typical rheumatological blood items like SED rate, and CK levels are normal. I've had my thyroid checked multiple times, everything is normal. I'm at a loss for a diagnosis beyond the celiac diagnosis. My standard blood work I have done often is all normal except for high iron serum which seems to be steadily increasing so far (last measured at 165ug/dL). My total bilirubin is elevated(2-3 mg/dL) but I've had that all my life and well before I've had health problems. I don't believe this scenario fits hemochromatosis well.... Has anyone else encountered similar symptoms? And if so, did you ever determine a second diagnosis for the muscle weakness? What else could it be?


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