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In Topic: Ireland - Tips Needed!

10 May 2014 - 06:47 AM



I may be writing too late for you, but thought I would post anyway. I currently live in Ireland, and have very rarely encountered a problem eating out, even in hotels. As the other posters mentioned, Ireland is one of the easiest places to travel gluten free. (Most of the problems I encounter eating out is finding gluten free food that is also vegetarian!)


Many restaurants have at least some understanding of celiac disease, and most can provide gluten free options. If you have a chance to purchase your own foods, most stores have gluten free sections, though smaller stores like Spar and Centra may have a limited enough selection. 


Also, it may be worth checking out the Irish Coeliac Society, if you haven't already left for your trip. Here's their website: http://coeliac.ie/. 


Hope you have a great time in Ireland!

In Topic: Hong Kong, The Philippines, And Japan

10 May 2014 - 06:38 AM



I've just returned from my trip and thought I would write a couple notes about eating gluten free in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Japan, in case anyone finds themselves heading that way.


Hong Kong


Hong Kong was the easiest place to eat gluten free on the trip. Gluten free foods can be purchased at health food stores (though I brought enough with me to last for a while), and some restaurants mark gluten free on their menus. I ate at Indian and Nepalese restaurants with success. South Asian is usually my go-to, as many foods in these cuisines are naturally gluten free. I would suggest being careful with these though, as I got sick later in the trip from Indian (lesson learned!).


Here are a few of the restaurants I ate at:

  • Life Restaurant and Bar: located in Discovery Bay, gluten free marked on the menu
  • Life Cafe: located in SoHo, gluten free marked on the menu
  • Noodlemi: Hong Kong island, gluten free marked on menu

I had a coeliac friend traveling in Hong Kong at the same time, and she recommended Pizza Express. Only one branch does gluten free--I believe its the one in Hong Kong central.


The Philippines


The Philippines was rather touch and go for me. I was in the country for a wedding, and was lucky enough to have the bride and groom arrange some gluten free meals for me ahead of time. Other than that, I lived off of a lot of eggs, garlic rice, and loads of fruit.


Here are a few of the restaurants I ate at:


  • L'Fisher Hotel: located in Bacolod. They don't have a gluten free menu in the hotel restaurant, but when I gave the waiter my restaurant card, he took it back to the chef and they were able to accommodate me.
  • 7th Note Cafe: located in Boracay, separate gluten free menu
  • Corner Tree Cafe: located in Makati (part of Manila); gluten free, vegan, and sugar free marked on the menu 



I was lucky to have my brother and his Japanese girlfriend. I stayed with my brother, so I could use his kitchen to prepare breakfasts and lunches, which I usually carried with me. For dinner, we stuck mainly to restaurants that offered a lot of vegetarian options. My brother and his girlfriend were able to order steamed or raw vegetables for me. I sometimes had rice if I could be guaranteed that it was purely steamed rice (no barley mixed in and not made with stock). I will point out that my Japanese restaurant card only confused wait staff and chefs.... I would have had a very difficult time eating in Japan without the help of my family members. We stayed in Fukuoka, but this seems to be the case in other parts of Japan, based on the other posts in this thread.


Anyway, I hope this helps future travelers. Cheers!

In Topic: Hong Kong, The Philippines, And Japan

01 March 2014 - 04:20 AM

Thanks to you both!


I figured those would be answers I would come across! I lived in South Korea briefly several years ago (my unsuccessful travels), but was hoping there might have been some changes in the gluten free world since then (I know coeliac isn't well known in Asia, but I had my fingers crossed anyway!).


In your experiences, have you ever come across gluten free foods in stores (I'm thinking health food shops)? I wonder if I should send some gluten free foods to my family before travelling so I have something to eat while there!


Thanks again!

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