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In Topic: Deciding To Start A Gluten-Free Diet

21 November 2012 - 11:53 AM

I had a blood test for celiac and it was negative and yesterday I had a biopsy and won't have the results until December 17. At first I had decided I would try gluten-free for 3 months anyways to see if I have a gluten intolerance and to see if it improves my symptoms but now I am struggling with the idea. If I knew I had celiac then it would be easy to stick to it but if I don't even have celiac then how am I going to be able to stick to such a restrictive diet. Originally I was going to start the diet after my biopsy but now I am wondering if I should even bother. There are a million different things that could be causing my symptoms so why put myself through all the trouble?? I am very conflicted right now. For those who don't have a celiac diagnosis how do you make yourself stick to the diet?

You know what feels better for your belly. Keep in mind that YOU are the one that hurts when you eat/drink something your body can't process. I have fallen off of the wagon before, and suffered for weeks after. That's what keeps me from doing it most days....now that I know how it feels to NOT have tummy pain all of the time, I don't want to go back to all that pain.

I'm to the point that I have to juice. I may eat one small meal per day, but the rest of the time I juice (I AM NOT SUGGESTING THIS TO ANYONE, IT"S WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO BE OKAY), and I've been so much happier & the belly bloat is mostly gone.

I keep all temptations that are my weakness, like no doughnuts in the house.....but the ones that I care little about are here for my family (like bread for sandwiches). Avoiding all temptations is what works for me.

And now I'm staying away from restaurants because of an accidental exposing to gluten because it hurts so bad!

hugs you!

In Topic: Chilis In Savannah Is Not Following Gluten Free Guidelines

21 November 2012 - 07:21 AM

thank you both so very much! i think it's going to be a very long time until I ever venture out again!!

In Topic: Starbucks

21 November 2012 - 03:47 AM

Not necessarily!

I found this out the hard way. I am from Ontario, Canada, so depending on where you are the ingredients could be different. Starbucks specifically doesn't post the ingredients in their flavoured syrups because they want the ability to change their ingredient lists.

So, my rule of thumb - read the label. Ask them for the bottle of the flavoured syrup that your preferred drink will be made of and make sure it is gluten free.

Also, from my experience, the people who work there are not trained in which of their products contain allergens or ingredients people commonly have intolerances to. So don't ask them - make sure you check for yourself.

I should also tell you that the outlook is not bleak. Where I am, I react to the Surar free Vanilla and Caramel, but the Sugar Free Hazelnut and Cinnamon Dolce are fine.

Good luck!

thanks for posting this suggestion! Perhaps that means I can have starbucks again! I can't believe that I didn't think of that before!! It's a shame more employees in resturants aren't trained about what exactly gluten free means. Some people think it's just noodles :) For me it's so much more! Thanks again!

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