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In Topic: Gluten Free=malt Free? How Do I Find Malt In Ingredients? Frustrated And Conf...

24 December 2009 - 07:40 PM

Forgot to add, I was not and have not been tested for celiacs.

In Topic: Gluten Free=malt Free? How Do I Find Malt In Ingredients? Frustrated And Conf...

24 December 2009 - 07:39 PM

i was given 26 injections for different food allergens, one of which was wheat which was negative, and malt which was positive. I have been eating a strict gluten free diet for the past 3-4 months just as my own experiment. I was having constant constipation, bloating, belching, hearthburn, abdominal pains/discomfort. Even after eating gluten free i am still experiencing some but not all of these problems. My confusion is that some gluten-free foods contain corn malt, so I am assuming that some gluten-free foods are not malt free? I have searched endlessly for some info on this and have come up empty handed. I just need to know what to look for that indicates malt in an ingredient, and also if something contains wheat does that automatically indicate it contains malt. The doctors office provided me with a VERY vague description of malt, i will type it word-for-word so you will see where my confusion comes from:

All baked goods, bread, pancake and waffle mixes, biscuit mixes, soda crackers, confections, wheat flour, ice cream, candy, cake, baby cereals, malted milk, infant formulas, cooked breakfast cereal, dry breakfast cereal, potato chips, powdered milk, table syrup, malt extract, malt syrup, malt vinegar, soda fountain drinks, coffee substitutes, coffee and tea.

That was the information they provided me with and my instructions were to eliminate malt from my diet. So I went to my cupboard and pulled out some dry breakfast cereal expecting to see some sort of "malt" listed in ingredients, only to find nothing that came close to that. Pulled out my potato chips, same thing. Maybe someone can help me decipher these ingredients or give me some sort of a lead to someone or somewhere I can find out. Thanks for your replies and any help you can give me, it is VERY appreciated.

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