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Member Since 11 Jan 2010
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In Topic: Bloating & Bowel Issues

19 June 2010 - 05:32 PM

Thanks for responding. I just got the test (and a gallbladder ultrasound) done on Wednesday, and my follow up with him is this coming Wed. He didn't talk about the reasons behind it at the time, but I'm sure we'll talk more about it this week.

please let me know how your results come back. I'm really curious and all info might help m,e when i see my doctor again. I do have regular bowel movements again every morning but am still very bloated and dealing with gas!!

In Topic: Airborne Wheat

13 June 2010 - 09:28 AM

I just want to thank all my friends hee on this forum for throwing out your advice and giving me some directions to try. I love you all and will be keeping you posted as tests are done.

God Bless!


In Topic: Airborne Wheat

12 June 2010 - 11:11 PM

That is a good point i will ask my doctor to run a panel on food allergies since i've totally changed to 100 percent gluten free maybe i am over exposing myself to an ingredient that i now am allergic to. Who Knows ? But it certainly wont hurt. If you come up with any other thoughts please let me know.. Have you ever heard of anyone with airborne issues ? Or is that a far fetched possibility? They also said they cant do skin testing for airborne allergies until this episode ends, otherwise i can stop breathing right now, its too dangerous during the flare up.

Once again , thank you soooooo much for giving me some directions to go in and giving me hope,


In Topic: Airborne Wheat

12 June 2010 - 09:09 PM

I live in Mt Shasta, CA Its Northern California about 2hours from the Oregon border. I was thinking airborne because i have been gluten free since December and i'm thinking maybe now that i'm not ingesting wheat maybe my body doesn't have it in my system to resist it in the air??? i really don't know i'm just starting to get scared nothing has changed in my home enviroment and have not changed soaps or cleaners?

In Topic: Airborne Wheat

12 June 2010 - 09:04 PM

Why do you think of air borne wheat? Where is it coming from? Any thoughts from the doc's on what is causing the allergic type reaction? Not doubting you, just trying to help you investigate.
Also, if you dont't mind - where do you live ? And is it city, suburb, country?

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