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5 Years Gluten Free- Encouragement For The Newbies

06 July 2014 - 09:58 PM

I used to post here all the time. I don't have time anymore, so I come on once in a great while. I just wanted to share where I am at 5 years into being gluten free as encouragement for the newbies.


I was diagnosed at the age of 40. Extremely ill at diagnosis. It took me a full 6 months gluten free to have one symptom free day. I had horrible withdrawals from gluten. I highly suggest that newbies use the search function on here and read all the old threads about withdrawals and the healing period so you know it is normal.


I was so overwhelmed when I found out I had celiac that on my first shopping trip after diagnosis, I had a massive panic attack. I left an entire cart full of groceries in the line at Sprouts, ran to my car hyperventiliating, barely made it home because I felt like I was going to pass out and cried hysterically on my couch for over an hour. 


But I got used to it. My little boy was diagnosed after me so our whole house went gluten free. I got a gluten-free bread maker and learned to make my own bread. I found plenty of safe restaurants in our area we can eat at.

I learned to bake cookies and cakes that will knock your socks off. As a matter of fact we went to a campout with some other families. One guy made peach cobbler in his dutch oven, so I made us a gluten-free version in my dutch oven so we wouldn't be left out. A couple of friends tried mine and secretly told me my gluten free on was way better, no comparison.


My son used to have a hard time feeling left out with snacks and things. I always bring him matching alternatives to what is being served at gatherings and parties. But eventually he came to realize he is healthier because of it and he is happy being gluten free.


I was intolerant to soy, dairy and night shades at first. Now I eat dairy all the time with zero issues and love my night shades. Soy still gives me a stomach ache so I avoid that one, but it's livable. 


Parties and pot lucks are a bit more difficult for me but they are no longer stressful. My friends have actually started making gluten free stuff for me at get togethers without me even asking.


I came here to write up a review of a great restaurant that is nearly all gluten free, and then I thought I would like to share with others. I know when I was new to celiac I was a total wreck. I was so sick, so miserable and I felt like I would never get better, that my suffering would never end. I'm Italian and I cried my eyes out over pasta and raviolis. Then I learned how to make gluten free pasta taste amazing. Whatever you are going through now WILL get better. Some of us still have other intolerances like me with soy, but you deal with it and you learn to make things less about food. I am okay going to a party and letting it be about the friends and not about the food. 


So hang in there newbies! If you feel sick and horrible, pamper yourself. Spend lots of time in bed. REST. SLEEP. Eat clean until your body feels better. Eating clean and going off almost all grains is a gift you can give yourself now. 


I just ate the most scrumptious homemade gluten free cherry cupcakes with creamy homemade gluten free ice cream. And my tummy is stuffed but it is not sick.


Blessings to all of you! 


Story Tavern In Burbank- Awesome! Owned By Celiac

06 July 2014 - 09:44 PM

I went to the Story Tavern in Burbank, California today. Best gluten free food I have ever had eating out  hands down. It is owned by a family and one of the family members has celiac disease. They do have some gluten on their menu but very little and they know how to handle CC issues. 


There was so much good food my kids and I ordered 3 things and shared. Totchos which is Tater Tot nachos. BEST thing ever! Shepherd's pie. gluten-free macaroni and cheese. Chopped veggie salad. 


It was heavenly. Every single bite. We all left stuffed because we couldn't stop eating such tasty food. 


They have 3 or 4 gluten free desserts. My kids had root beer floats but we were too full to order the warm apple cobbler or flourless chocolate cake. 


We live 45 minutes away but it is worth the drive and we will be back. They also have quite a selection of gluten-free beers and ciders, but I don't like beer or cider so I didn't try any. Somebody try those and add to the thread. 

Reaction To Buckwheat?

29 October 2013 - 07:25 PM

Yesterday and today I've  had horrible brain fog, like back in the old days when I was going through gluten withdrawal when I was first diagnosed. I have that achy flu like feeling when glutened and I am starving!! 


I started the eating for your blood type plan at the recommendation from my doctor, but it's really just changing  a few of my normal foods. It's not a drastic difference in what I'm eating.


I have always avoided buckwheat but I thought I would give a new buckwheat cereal a try that I saw at Sprouts. I ate it two days in a row. I'm wondering if buckwheat could be the culprit.


I've been freaking out a bit trying to find out what happened because I haven't eaten anything where I would be glutened and I have no G.I. symptoms like I would normally get. It's like a very weird glutening.

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