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Member Since 26 Jan 2010
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In Topic: Corn Tortillas

21 September 2012 - 04:27 AM

I love the Mission Extra Thin corn tortillas. They are gluten free, dairy free, Kosher and three are 110 calories. I pierce a couple of slits in three (so they won't puff up) and pop them in the toaster oven while I slice 3 mushrooms, 1/2 tomato, red or green pepper or any other veggies I have lurking in the fridge. When the tortillas are very lightly toasted, I spread 1/4 cup of Prego Traditional sauce (also gluten-free/df and kosher) between the three and top with the prepared veggies and some Daiya cheese. Back into the toaster oven on broil for a couple of minutes and I have satisfied my craving. This basic recipe only has about 230 calories. Lots of things you could add to this - Hormel pepperoni (gluten-free), Dietz & Weston ham, homemade leftover chicken, a couple of spritzs of Sriracha sauce, chopped shrimp, nutritional yeast (watch the labels), leftover asparagus (yeah, like that's going to happen), hot or mild peppers, pickled peppers, olives, artichoke hearts (watch the label), bacon (watch the label)....

My life would be so sad without Mission Extra Thin corn tortillas. :)

I've been away from this forum for a bit, but I'm b-a-a-a-c-k!

In Topic: Tamolly's Texarkana (And Chilada's In Plano)

21 September 2012 - 03:59 AM

I live in the Plano area also and the only restaurant that I will eat at is Jason's Deli. It is really the only place in this area, where I know there is a gluten-free procedure in place and is strictly being followed. I know that because I watch my sandwich being made. I have never had an issue with getting gluten symptoms afterwards. Admittedly, I don't eat out very often, but that is the place we meet friends or go out for a special meal. The deli meat and Udi bread, spicy mustard and house chips are gluten free and dairy free... meets all our requirements.

Thanks for the info on the new restaurant opening... I will watch for the opening.

That was a cute remark about your wife not considering Texas her home. I come from Toronto Canada and have lived here for almost 17 years, but still don't think of it as home!

In Topic: Annoyed By People Who Think They Know More

11 September 2012 - 07:13 PM

:blink: :blink: The ones that drive me nuts are the ones who are not Celiac, not even Gluten Intolerant, but "they have read on the Internet...."

I have been gluten free for 5 years now but obviously reading something on the 'net overrules anything I might be saying.

Why is it all us older type females who take water aerobics think this is the time to share the most personal and private bits of information? Must be the lack of clothes that let's some devulge secrets I might only share with my doctor or husband. I told one lady I was having a rough morning and the reason for it... She loudly shared that information with the rest of the group and the instructor. For the rest of the class people kept saying, "are you ok" or "I'm sorry you are sick".

I think I am going to get a tatoo on my forehead that says. "No Aloe Vera will not cure my Colitis and no Acupuncture cannot cure my gluten intolerance"

Thanks for letting me rant. :blink:

In Topic: Canyon Bakehouse Products

26 January 2012 - 12:52 PM

I live in north Dallas and the Sprouts store is now carrying the Canyon Bakehouse products. There is a 25% sale on right now so I decided to try a couple of new things. I bought a loaf of the 7 grain and a loaf of the cinnamon raisin. Oh my, these are good!!! I ate them right out of the bag with some dairy free margarine. They are weighty and moist and definitely do not taste "ricey". I love this brand.

In Topic: Other Food Issues Menu Suggestions

08 November 2011 - 05:22 AM

My list of no-no's would take up too much space ;)I can tolerate an egg in baked good or some mayo and I have chickpeas on a 4 day rotation.

B-cornbread-no flours, just cornmeal, egg , ricemilk etc. and sausage patties http://www.marksdail...memade-sausage/ I use lean ground pork.

L-brown rice pasta, "sauce" of olive oil-sautee onions 'till soft, add tuna, frozen peas and carrots or fozen mixed veg., parsley(if desired) and salt and pepper

B-ore-ida hashed potaoes(cube style) sauteed w/ onion and ham

D- oven baked chicken breast minus the garlic powder and butter, just S+P
homemade oven fries(potatoes)
frozen italian cut green beans tossed w/ sauteed shallots

I often have a microwave sweet potato for B

This is not fabulous but still tasty and simple and good with brown rice on the side. http://fireandsalt.b...ed-chicken.html

Hi. I didn't know the Ore-Ida hashed potatoes cubes were gluten free. I am going to drop by the supermarket today to look. I must admit, I love fries. I love those hash browns too. As a kid, a treat was a plate of fries with gravy (brown), vinegar, ketchup and a coke. Nowadays, I still cook a plate of fries, no gravy, no ketchup and still love them. We dip our fries in mayo.... have you heard of that? I think it is a "northern" thing.

I do make a lot of chicken. Never thought of making it stuffed with apple. I would have to adapt it a little - leave out the spices and onion, but it might work. Although I would rather bbq a piece of chicken and eat a baked apple for dessert.

I think the "sauce" with the tuna, veggies sounds interesting too. I can't do onion but I do like tuna. I know the tuna in water is healthier, but I just accidently bought the Starkist in oil and it was so much better. Had a great flavor.

A good thing about eating more fish lately (almost every day), my blood tests have improved significantly. I always loved fish but in the last 15 years since moving to Dallas and because my DH didn't like fish I stopped eating it other than when we went out to eat.

My favorite dining out meal is for Sushi and Sashimi.... I just informed my DH this morning that we would be going out for Japanese Sashimi in January for my birthday dinner. He looked at me perplexed and said, "Oh, who are you going with?" He thought he was being funny. It is expensive, but once a year I eat all the raw sashimi I want!

Thanks for your suggestions. They sound great!

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