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Topics I've Started

Other Food Issues Menu Suggestions

02 November 2011 - 10:47 AM

I have loved following the "What are you cooking tonite" thread although I cannot eat most of the suggestions. Cannot eat fresh vegetables or fruits, dairy, beans, tomato sauce, garlic, eggs. I am gluten intolerant, lactose and casein, egg, garlic intolerant. I have GERD and Colitis. Each and every meal is a thought issue. I know there are others who have more than just the gluten issue. Also, I do not cook with these unusual ingredients that I see suggested. Even if I could find these ingredients, financially I could not afford them. I am looking for everyday types of suggestions.

Last night I took three talapia fillets (frozen from Walmart) and put them in a pyrex pie plate. Added some salt and pepper, a dab of dairy free margarine (Smart Balance parve brand). I added thick slices of tomato and a spray of butter flavored Crisco. Covered with saran and cooked on High for 8 minutes. Had a half of a cooked acorn squash with dairy free margarine and a drizzle of honey.

So if you have more than just the gluten issue, please post your meals.

Thanks for your ideas.

Nuclear Stress Test - What To Eat?

23 September 2011 - 02:01 AM

Today I am going for a nuclear stress test on my heart. It starts today (Friday) and finishes on Monday. For both days I have been told to bring a "fatty" meal to eat during the test. The nurse suggested cheese and crackers. I explained that I cannot eat gluten or dairy. She said, "Well just eat a couple, that should be ok." Again I explained the situation and she said well you will need to bring a "fatty" meal. She suggested I could pick up something at Quik Trip or 7-11!!!

I can't do any fresh vegetables or fruit, no dairy, no gluten, no tomato products. I have no idea what to bring in addition to being totally becoming unglued because I have to go through this.

Has anyone gone through this and what did you eat?

To top it off, I was crying on the way home, not paying attention to my driving and got a speeding ticket for 277.10 :( That's the first ticket since I moved to the US from Canada 16 years ago.

This all came about because I needed an EKG to clear me for surgery on Tuesday for a Lipoma on my neck.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.


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