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In Topic: Endoscopy

Today, 05:35 AM

Why not ask the doctor?  Or request the procedure report and the pathology (biopsy) report?  Usually you need the microscopic biopsy report to diagnose Celiac.  After anesthesia, people often can't remember.

In Topic: Jif Whips Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Pie Spice

Yesterday, 02:44 PM

I have eaten Jif regular PB, its gluten-free.  I don't know about the ingredients on this product

In Topic: Does gluten-free Bread Make Anyone Else Sick?

Yesterday, 06:23 AM


That is what we thought. We stopped using tomato sauce thinking it is GERD. Then we stopped parmesan cheese in pesto. Then we gave up pesto all together. Then she just ate plane pasta with olive oil - bad reaction. Then we tried corn pasta - looks like she didn't have a reaction but we need to try several times before we can come to conclusion.
I am trying to pin point the actual offender. I hope someone knows something that I don't. :)




Have you tried plain rice?  Just a few bites of plain rice cooked with water -no oil, no veggies, no chicken.  That would tell you if rice is the ingredient of concern.

In Topic: No-Cooking Celiac Options?

Yesterday, 06:20 AM

if I can make it another two weeks, I have a psychiatrist appointment, and seeing as I've had this same problem on and off since 2008, it's probably time to try medication.


good idea about the mini bell peppers, I like peppers, and there's gluten free hummus everywhere around here.


I was avoiding peanuts but I can get my butt to whole foods and get some sunflower seed and almond butter eventually. I eat that stuff on the, what is it, the lundberg brand rice cakes.


@SMRI -- I do have a toaster oven I bake chicken in, I didn't think to add veg with the chicken at the same time. I can totally do that. if you cook chicken from frozen how much longer do you put it in for?



If you know anyone with a Costco membership - I have found almond butter there in a bigger jar for the cost of a jar half that size.


Also, a crockpot is about $17-20 at Walmart or Target.  And I got my son a good microwave for about $60 at Walmart.  So, something to save up for or ask for for Christmas?  These 2 items would open up a whole lot of super easy cooking options for you.


I think seeing the doctor sounds like a good idea.  

In Topic: Does gluten-free Bread Make Anyone Else Sick?

Yesterday, 05:44 AM

We just found out after 6 month of trying all different things that our celiac daughter has very bad reaction to UDI bread as well as Tinkyada pasta. Her reaction is excessive burping and stomach aches.  We would like to hear from other people with similar problems. Can you safely eat any other gluten-free  bread/pasta/baked goods? Are home baked goods bad for you as well? Is there a better choice for gluten-free flour? Any suggestion is appreciated.



Tinkyada pasta is just rice - does she have an issue with plain rice, too?  If not, maybe its what you put on the pasta?