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#944701 Cross Contamination In Food Processes

Posted by on 26 April 2015 - 01:45 PM

If you are really that sensitive, I am surprised you needed to ask! :). Even for the majority of Celiacs that are not sensitive to " undetectable pms", a real kiss ( if you know what I mean ;) ) could transfer gluten from one mouth to another.
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#944699 Headaches

Posted by on 26 April 2015 - 01:39 PM

Are you anemic? That's common for a new Celiac. That would explain the headaches upon exercise. and explain why they are getting better as you heal.
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#944641 I Want To Tell You All Thank You

Posted by on 25 April 2015 - 03:35 PM

Bah! All this mushy stuff!

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#944639 Major <3 For Andalou Naturals

Posted by on 25 April 2015 - 03:26 PM

I never meant to post something that would cause a problem. I do not use their hair care after seeing that they run out so quick after the first time. As for the face cleaner I use triple checked that one and it's clear that I can see but I'm no chemist. Again if I caused a problem I apologize. I double checked my post and did not see any links I posted in regards of claims.
Edit just double checked my bathroom toiletries none of mine contained scary items. But after hearing this I am going to scrutinize more so than before. I am seriously disturbed by this.

You are fine. It's the Dr. That said that C. Com was endorsing a product. I thought maybe this company was using the name without permission. I asked her to link us to where she saw it. She didn't reply. So she was told to not confuse us with some other company. Not sure what that was all about.....
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#944473 Major <3 For Andalou Naturals

Posted by on 21 April 2015 - 03:28 PM

Andalou hair products claim to be "certified Gluten-Free". Andalou claims endorsement/verification by Celiac.com. However, their products variously contain hydrolyzed barley protein and wheat germ (Triticum vulgare). Does Celiac.com have documentation of Andalou's gluten-free status at < 20 ppm? I had a bad reaction from using Andalou Lavender and Biotin Shampoo and Argan and Sweet Orange Styling Cream. I strongly suspect the presence of gluten and doubt that hydrolysis is complete enough to remove reactivity (if it were it would likely eliminate the benefit of these ingredients). The Andalou Customer Service Dept. has repeatedly refused me access to their certification process, which they claim is through the University of Nebraska. They have also refused to share their certification with the manager of the Health Food Store where these products are sold. As a gluten sensitive MD physician and PhD biochemist, I have a hard time believing that Andalou products containing barley and wheat are Gluten Free. After I used these products, my eyes teared, and I got a red scaly rash in skin next to my hair. Has anyone else had a problem with Andalou products?

I looked that product up and it says " verified gluten free" but does not say who did that. Companies can send thier products to different universities to be tested for gluten. I usually just avoid things with obvious gluten ingredients.

Edit: found this on their site:

Q. Is this product Gluten Free?

A. Yes. All Andalou products have been tested by the Food Allergy Research & Resource Program (FARRP) on behalf of Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) and are verified to be gluten-free.

Q. Is this product Vegan?

A. Yes.
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#944470 Major <3 For Andalou Naturals

Posted by on 21 April 2015 - 03:19 PM

We are not a certifying agency. Could you link to those claims? I will let Scott know someone is illegally using our name. They could advertise on here, but I don't think they have to prove anything to advertise.
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#944329 Negative Results At 20 Months, Retesting At 4 Y/o?

Posted by on 20 April 2015 - 06:21 AM

My daughter who is now 9 was tested 3 times up to age 4 with negative results.....she now and has been eating gluten free for 5 years. There are 5 people including myself in our family who are gluten free with different reactions and symptoms. I did not want to give her an endoscopy as it is very invasive. Since many of my family members were tested many times themselves over their lives and many negatives before a positive and because the early years in a childs development is so important i just decided to quit the nonsense and put her on gluten free. If in the future she rebels at least i know that i gave her the chance to put as much calcium in her bones as possible, unlike me who was diagnosed with osteo at age 35.

And they are working on better tests that require less days of eating gluten or maybe no gluten consumption. So maybe in 10 years, when she might rebel, she could get tested easily.
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#944082 Prep For Endoscopy And Colonoscopy For 5 Yr Old

Posted by on 15 April 2015 - 09:29 AM

Read the prep directions. Usually there is a day of only liquids and the laxative part starts about 5 pm. You don't want someone with diarrhea swimming. That's a real health issue for all the other people who might use the pool.
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#943879 No!

Posted by on 12 April 2015 - 05:46 AM

I am not going to worry too much about this. The grains aren't what they want in the paper. They aren't crumbling all over my salad. Perhaps someone could ask how this paper is made before panicking? I don't think this is really a new thing. I have heard that various parts of wheat have been used in paper, paper plates, napkins, etc for a few years now.

Edited to, hopefully, clarify.
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#943129 How Do I Search My Old Posts And Topics

Posted by on 29 March 2015 - 06:13 AM

From the main forum page - use the search in the upper right corner. But don't use the box, click the little " gear". This gives you an advanced search. There is a place to put in your user name and then go down and check " as posts". I fidn it easier to see the individual posts rather than a list of topics a poster has replied to. That's how I would do it if I wanted to see your posts. :)

It isn't always perfect, sometimes I don't find really old things. I don't know why one day I get a different result than another. If you are looking for a particular post, using a key word and your name might help. Like - you know you posted a recipe for pumpkin cookies - use cookies or pumpkin with your name.
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#943070 Is There A Good Hamburger Bun Out There?

Posted by on 28 March 2015 - 08:34 AM

I did not know that Red Robin made gluten-free buns. Do you call them and order the buns?


Many of them use Udis buns.   Some use other, locally made buns.

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#942944 Coors Light

Posted by on 26 March 2015 - 02:55 PM

Hi, Just wanted to inform this post that Coors Light is NOW Gluten Free.  They just launched their first GL beer which is called "Coors Peak".  It was released in Jan. 2015 in the Seattle and Portland OR area only to test the market with it.  Im pretty excited about it myself and am looking forward to trying it out.

Coors light is still not gluten free. They have a new beer that is coming out that is gluten free.
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#942887 Grocery Store

Posted by on 26 March 2015 - 06:35 AM

That is a bit extreme.  Even if the lotion had gluten in it - it is a very teeny amount.  And an even teenyer amount would maybe rub onto a package.  I think the store should just say, thank you for the input and not bother.  I guess everyone coming in the store, including the employees, would not be allowed to eat gluten or touch the bread, flour, cookie packages, too?  I would think that would be a more likely way to get gluten on a package.  UGh!


Of course, you have been on here long enough, I think, to see how extreme people can be sometimes.  I think this woman just wants attention and to feel "special"  :wacko:

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#942861 How Do I Make My Family Realize The Severity Of Celiac?

Posted by on 25 March 2015 - 05:28 PM

Show them some info from doctors at a Celiac research medical  center?




"The gluten-free diet is a lifetime requirement. Eating any gluten, no matter how small an amount, can damage your intestine"


Ask the grandparents if they feel good enjoying foods, in front of the kids, that the kids can't eat.  Not sure about the age of the kids, but leaving the gluten food/crumbs sitting around, they might be eaten by the kids and make them sick.  They wouldn't leave pills or alcohol where a kid can get it, I hope.   If they don't mind tormenting the kids with foods they can no longer eat or would leave pills within reach of small children, you might want to limit the kids exposure to these people.  


If they absolutely cannot live for a week without their McDonalds or pizza or whatever, they can go out (without the kids) and eat it.

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#942616 Heb Blendables

Posted by on 21 March 2015 - 06:03 PM

I don't have that brand, but I have eaten several varieties of plain frozen fruit. All they are is fruit - no sugar, no preservatives, etc. not sure why they wouldn't be safe. Can't really process wheat where you process fruit. Not even the same bins to take them to the processing plant.
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