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In Topic: Behavior Issues/tantrums

16 October 2012 - 07:40 AM

My son was the same way. We had got gluten free but we were still having some behavior issues.

I ended up cutting our dairy, as well, and it made a BIG difference. Try cutting out dairy and go from there. If there are still issues, do an elimination diet. We've found that he can have limited amounts of dairy (as minor ingredients in something)and still be okay...but not something with it as a main ingredient.

I had also found that he was having more issues during the week than during the weekend and found that at school he was still having items with wheat and dairy in them. Once we nipped that in the bud he was good to go!!

In Topic: I Know I'm Doing The Right Thing...but So Frustrated.

03 April 2012 - 10:12 AM

Cara - this sounds very similar to my son! He improved after removing gluten but then he kept having episodes. We removed milk an he got even better. The extreme episodes are farther apart and good dys growing in number. But he stills has those bad says and days of just constant irritability. It could be a cc of gluten or milk,...or something else we haven't identified. I have a lot of the same questions and concerns as you.

Our son did see a behavior therapist when he was 4 or 5 and she didn't see any concerns like ADD, etc. she noted he seemed to have some heightened sensory issues but not horribly so.

I am Watching his sugar pretty closely. We see an alternative med biofeedback specialist for his allergies (it helps...whacky but it does) and she noted his sugar reaction (along with milk and gluten) was really high.

Keep in touch. I will be interested to hear what you are able to uncover.

In Topic: Starting Gluten Free Diet For Child

03 April 2012 - 09:31 AM

By the way, I should dd that I don't intend to come off as saying a diagnosi isn't important. It is. If you feel you are on the right track, then keep at it. Good luck.

In Topic: Starting Gluten Free Diet For Child

03 April 2012 - 07:42 AM

I hear you on the 'feeling like your on your own'. It's so frustrating. I am still learning to trust my mommy gut. And from reading about your daughter, I think you should trust yours! I'm a newbie here to so am sure you will get some really helpful info from others on here - I already have.

I am one who has not gotten the official test done on my son. After the myriad of things he's gone through and doctor after doctor brushing the food sensitivity idea off, I ventured on my own. I did take him to a couple of alternative med specialists...both pointed out gluten and milk immediately. Why is it not an obvious answer for a regular doctor??? Anyway, I went ahead and removed them and it has helped him so much.

I know one reason people want the official diagnosis is it will help with getting the schools to comply. The way I got this accomplished was I started journaling what my son ate and his reactions. After doing this for a couple weeks or so, I put the information together, and sent it along with a letter to my doctor explaining my observations of him off gluten & dairy vs. on it. I requested she fill out the form for the school so I could go a full 30 days without either and then re-evaluate after that time. The doc went for it!

Anyway, long story not so short (sorry) - if you can't get your doc 'on board' with you...move on without them. Moms know best! :)

In Topic: I Know I'm Doing The Right Thing...but So Frustrated.

03 April 2012 - 07:34 AM

Thank you. That makes sense. :) I have to be honest that I haven't given that as much attention is I should. And I'm honestly not sure how much CC goes on in our home. But it's definitely something I will be paying more attention to.

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