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I Know I'm Doing The Right Thing...but So Frustrated.

02 April 2012 - 04:04 PM

I think this is more a newbie vent than anything...but reading here today has been so validating for me.

My son is 7 years old. Starting at age 3 we have battled a whole slew of things with no difinitive answers. He has long had horrible mood swings coupled with tantrums, kicking, yelling, etc. Even that description does not give the severeness of it justice. When not in the middle of one, he is one of the sweetest and loveable kids. Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Heís also gone through a number of health issues along the way including bronchial issues, asthma, severe sinus issues, chonic bouts of constipation and also the opposite, etc.

My mommy gut has long told me (especially after reading ĎIs this Your Childí by Doris Rapp) that my son was reacting to something his was eating. But I could never get a doc to agree with me. I thought it was milk for the longest time. Only a few months ago did I eliminate wheat. This was after eliminating for myself and seeing great results, as well as, a nutrionist and biofeedback specialist recommending it for him. I hate myself to not trusting my mommy gut and trying it much sooner than this. It does help and the good days are growing in number. And Iíve convinced my doc to send the paperwork to his school asking them to withhold wheat/dairy from his diet. I pack his lunch and snacks and his teacher is great and letting me know when they will have celebrations etc... But he still has reactions here and there and sometimes its so hard to determine without a doubt what it is he is reacting to! Is it something wheat? Dairy? Is there something else I havenít pinned down yet????

I notice now that when he does have something he reacts to, his reactions are like magnified. The mood swing is more extreme, the temper tantrum is now a rage fit, the yelling is now screaming and telling me he hates me. It is so emotionally taxing....I feel so exhausted afterwards. And then I constantly question myself if Iím looking for something to blame his behavior on. Does that make sense???

He had a meltdown yesterday that I have yet to pin down what it was in reaction to. And heís been incredibly congested for two days straight. The only thing I can find is his Aunt mistakenly gave him a Símore on Friday night at a bbq party OR I noticed over the past few days, heís had Udiís bread more often than usual. Iím lost. Itís so frustrating when the cause isnít staring at you in the face. Yes, the Símore could be the culprit...but he usually reacts within a couple hours instead of a couple days. Just donít know. This is SOOO FRUSTRATING!

When he is starting to have a reaction, the tops of his ears turn red...itís like his indicator button. Now if I could just locate the ďthis is what Iím reacting toĒ button!

Could It Be The Udi's?

02 April 2012 - 08:53 AM

Has anyone had reactions to Udi's sliced bread and/or buns???

I'm so frustrated right now. My son is 7 years old who has long suffered with allergies and frequent emotional 'meltdowns'. After an allergist was unable to identify what the issue was, we started seeing a nutritionist and biofeedback specialist who identified milk and gluten. I have long suspected that his emotional reactions were tied to something he was reacting to. So we have gone off of milk and gluten (so have I).

He has done pretty well on it but over the past few days his nose has been extremely congested and he had a horrible emotional roller coaster of a meltdown yesterday and has been irritable and defiant on other days. I try to journal everything he eats and his moods during the day. Over the past week, I notice he has eaten more Udi's bread than usual. So I'm starting to wonder if there is something with the Udi's bread he is reacting too? Maybe it's something he can only have in moderation?

I'm going to not serve him any for a few days and see if he improves. But I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced something similar?


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