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In Topic: Gluten Free Pasta

24 November 2010 - 04:55 AM

I have been eating rice pasta, but I want to try something new. I have found that I like it, but the cooking process is what I am having trouble with. It goes from under cooked to over cooked way too fast. I was hoping to find some other varieties of grains. What do people like? I really like the texture of wheat spaghetti so I was wondering if anyone knew ones that are like that?

Oh yeah, any suggestions need to be ones that I can buy in the store, not online. Thanks.

hodgson mill all natural brown rice pasta penne with golden milled flax seed

I like it for pasta with parmesan cheese it is very tasty and I don't find it to be mushy. I have tried a lot of them this one is my favorite so far. I did buy a less expensive one from my local grocery store under $2 for a bag of brown rice gluten free pasta. I have yet to try that one but I will.
That is one of the crazy things about this diet it does send your grocery bill higher especially in the beginning when trying lots of new things.

I asked my local grocery to bring in udis bread they did and they charge $4 something vs $6 + at some of the higher priced markets in my area.
good luck

In Topic: Does This Sound Like Celiac?

23 November 2010 - 04:33 AM

Okay so I have not been officially diagnosed with celiac (no insurance). I'm 18 years old, vegan, and according to blood work and other tests, I am a very healthy, normal weight person (minus asthma)

So tell me if ANY of these events have happened to you, and some advice you may have please :(

Before I considered a gluten allergy, I was getting heart palpitations, this tearing feeling in my stomach, and muscle spasms everywhere. Not to mention being bloated to the point where I looked pregnant. It was so painful and uncomfortable. It felt as if someone was tearing my stomach in half like a piece of paper. At one point I tested positive for blood in urine but had no UTI. Doctor said it may have been from inflammation? Idk. That never really got cleared up.

So once I thought I may be a celiac, I stopped eating gluten. Which started a week ago. Miraculously, these symptoms are GONE!! I couldn't believe it!
However, I noticed my urine is very cloudy. And I am getting these (my apologies for how gross this sounds) white pieces in my stool and mucus. Also, inside the stool there are light colored chunks of something, idk what it is. I read somewhere that these could be wheat proteins leaving my body.

It has me pretty freaked out but I can't go to a doctor until Jan 1st (when my mom gets insurance)

So, has any of these symptoms happened to you? What were they? What helped?
I would love to hear some personal stories.
feel free to email me at veggiebite@aim.com, too

thanks :)

Well I had the cloudy urine with no uti too I also tested positive for blood in urine prior to being diagnosed the cloudy urine I have experienced before and after diagnosis.

After being on gluten free diet 4 months or so ( NO CHEATING) I didn't even eat out anywhere during this time I was just trying to wrap my head around the label reading and the phone calls and email to manufacturers with yes or no gluten questions........

I was working out with a friend at the gym pretty regularly for a few weeks normally I drink lots of water at the gym this one night we went after work and I didn't drink as much I only had 1?2 bottle 10 oz or so that night I did notice cloudy urine. I woke @ 4:00 the morning after with bladder spasm and when I went to bathroom my urine was a rusty red color and my bladder continued to spasm I kept laying down and returning to bathroom feeling a strong urge to pee signs of uti.. went to ER and they diagnosed me with uti then mt urine test came back with blood no uti stop meds and off to uroligist had a bladder scope in the days to follow and everything was ok my bladder wasn't emptying all the way so he advised me to slow down when visiting the rest room to stand after peeing tilt forward and then sit back sown to try and finish emptying. I was also put on 2 cranberry pills a day and he wants to see me in a year

prior to being diagnosed with celiac I was spilling proteins into my urine. This was detected at my routine physical ???????

anyone else have anything to add from there experience????
sorry for long winded response
don't ignore your symptoms we are all very different some hospitals or clinics have a sliding fee for uninsured people don't let something that doesn't feel right go unchecked.
Hope things work out well for you:0)

In Topic: Gluten External

22 November 2010 - 04:40 PM

Are your gloves latex? That could also be the cause of dry patches.

all our gloves are vinyl due to so mant people with latex allergies.

In Topic: Christmas Dinner Woes

22 November 2010 - 07:07 AM

My extended family still don't get this gluten-free diet. The latest is that I have been told not to come to Christmas dinner as I have 'that funny diet'. It is really annoying and I feel hurt. My sister in law is one of those who pretends to be gluten-free sometimes but eats regular food as well. So are my cousins. So they think I am being OTT silly about the whole idea. I have been gluten-free for 4 years now and they have made no attempt to learn about it. There was a birthday party last month I was not invited to either. Husband is supportive - he sees how sick I get with a cc reaction. We will have a quiet Christmas and gluten-free meals ourselves. But I still feel hurt... :(

Wow hope you aren't offended but it seems like you have some real (JERKS) in your family.
I can see asking to bring something that you can eat because they can't be sure of gluten in foods but to ask you not to come how terrible.
my sister in-law has tweaked Thanksgiving dinner for me
she isn't going to stuff the bird and she will use organic gluten-free broth as well to insure I can enjoy a meal
she will leave the flour out of the topping on sweet potato casserole so I can have it.
I am very sorry you have to put up with such ignorance how UNKIND!!! :(

In Topic: Been Away From Forum For A While

22 November 2010 - 06:51 AM

You have been diagnosed with Celiac so you aren't supposed to eat any gluten. Eating it causes destruction of your intestines. You need your intestines to digest your food. You will continue having digestive problems as long as you keep eating gluten containing things. A little Chow Mein is still eating gluten as most of those noodles are made from wheat and the sauces have soy sauce with wheat. We cannot eat a little or some every few months.

You can get or make gluten-free foods that can be quite yummy.

oops I hit the red minus button (vote quote down) I thought I could just delted some of the thread so I wouldn't have to scroll down so far :unsure:

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