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Member Since 08 Feb 2010
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Gluten External

22 November 2010 - 06:57 AM

Hello all I was just wondering everyone if I got the same information as others

I asked my GI about gluten in cosmetics and shampoos (if I needed to avoid them) She said if i didn't have DH everything else was alright except lipsticks and glosses that may be ingested by default.

I get dry patches on my hands sometimes but I am unsure the cause.

I am a hairdresser and some of the styling products and shampoo/ conditioners are loaded with wheat proteins. I do wear gloves to shampoo when I know I'll be using one that contains wheat to limit my exposure.


Been Away From Forum For A While

19 November 2010 - 06:28 AM

Hello all,
I am back checking in on the celiac forum. I was being good on the gluten free diet I had a couple of things by mistake later finding out I had ate something containing gluten. So after 8 mos being very cautious passing up cakes and all kinds of other delicious temptations the annual fair was in town and I decided that I was going to have a big cheat day. I can tell you that I had pizza, ice cream on a cone, and funnel cake. The ice cream and the funnel cake were great going down but I must tell you the pizza made me feel nauseated with each bite. I used to love pizza but before I was diagnosed celiac the last few years I was sensitive to pizza I went from in my early 20's being able to wipe out a large pizza with my husband to early 30's not even being able to finish one piece without feeling nauseated and not well in general.

I had thought about cheating only on thanksgiving and christmas each year.
BUT I think NOT! I had some chinese food that i order carefully to try an insure it will be gluten free. I stick with a fried rice that contains no ham or soy sauce. the last time I ate it i didn't feel the greatest that was a few weeks ago then I thought that I would give it another try as I really didn't really
know if that was the cause of me feeling poorly. I had the rice and chicken chow mein for dinner wednesday night and I had the left over rice for lunch yesterday just a chief salad for dinner. Then I noticed I was waking a lot last night bloating and lost of gas. This morning I had some of the worst stabbing pains thru out my gi tract. I thought it was worse than labor pains.
sorry to share but does anyone else have the problem of seeing undigested food after a bm. I have been having trouble losing weight and I just don't feel like I digest things very well at all??????

I Ate At A Buffet Today

14 March 2010 - 04:00 PM

I wanted to go to brunch with my family this am. I did pretty well avoiding the things that contain gluten. I stayed away from the chocolate fountain which is not very good anyway. I even stayed away from the little cakes and muffins. the one thing that gets me is the chinese food. I am ticked that soy sauce contains gluten. They have a sushi section....
while I am complaining I found garden of eatin nacho cheese tortillas by label seem safe to eat and they are pretty good not a nacho dorito but pretty dang close....

I made a breakfast bar last week gluten free no oats it came out great.

I am still doing terrible with the bathroom visits pardon the extra information..... I feel like it is more frequent now that I have eliminated regular items from my diet....when are they going to find a pills that we can take to be able to tolerate gluten would be a lot easier.

sorry if my post is hard to follow I am just so aggravated with the slow healing. I know it is going to take time. I am aware that this is a life long way for me and I have excepted that. I am just hoping that I will feel the benefits sooner than later is all.

any suggestions welcome

1 Month Gluten Free Things Aren't That Much Better

11 March 2010 - 05:03 AM

I have been gluten free 1 month I have been careful about ready and finding out the hidden glutens in all our food.
Has anyone been sensitive to apples or bananas?
I have had cheese and corn so it is hard to tell if I am sensitive to one or the other. I never used to have a problem with cheese or any dairy product. I have used a recipe that I got for gluten free bars it has gluten free everything possibly to rich for my system not healed enough????? I am going to start keeping a food diary.
should I see an allergist to find hidden triggers?
I appreciate all the support I receive here thanks a bunch....

Celiac Is Everywhere

08 March 2010 - 05:07 AM

I can't believe all the people I have been running in to no that I have a firm diagnosis. I have met a few people in the salon I work at. Yesterday I ran into a lady at Christmas tree shop. I was talking with my son about the bobs red mills GLUTEN FREE stuff that I found in there that was much less $$$$ then my local health or grocery stores. This women came over to look as she heard me utter the words gluten free. She had been diagnosed in september with GI symptoms and her sister a few weeks ago with no GI symptoms and a skin rash. I felt bad her 7 year old son has tree nut and egg allergies what a pain. I thought it stunk trying to deal with the gluten wow that stinks more...I don't usually exchange email with strangers but I did with her. Come to find out we have a local support group in our area that meets once a month.

Today is my 1 month gluten free...........I thought I would be a crazy loon by now but I am doing okay. I am finding more things I can eat and getting excited about them. I do miss my chinese favorites I may just need to get more creative and make my own or beg them to use my soy sauce

oh yeah the support group is in Portsmouth, NH if that helps anyone....

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